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Almost 10 years ago, WikiLeaks, founded by Julian Assange, exposed the dark secrets and war crimes of the United States and NATO Allies as they conduct illegal wars by publishing the Iraq War Logs, the 22nd of October 2010.

The war logs were published, and their contents were sickening and they were dreadful. They reveal what many had suspected, that fake war claims were used to wage war on Iraq. Of the recorded deaths, two-thirds were civilian deaths. A minimum of sixty-six thousand civilians was recorded to have died. The true figure is likely treble this number.

Journalist Julian Assange did a service to the world because he exposed the malicious wickedness the United States unleashed on Iraq. Disturbingly, 10 years on and it is Julian Assange in a stinking prison cell, not the strategists of that illegal war. Not those either who ordered gunship crews to shoot innocent journalists and civilians in Iraq, murdering them and cheering about it as their innocent victims were butchered. 

John Shipton, Julian’s father should be enjoying his retirement. Instead, he campaigns relentlessly for the release of his son, and for the exposure of the horrible injustice that his son has faced at the hands of the powerful nations across the planet.

Julian Assange is not subject to criminal prosecution. He is subject to political persecution. John Shipton says, ‘Concern for Julian’s well-being is a constant. And we all, his family, his brother and children, and a partner, are all here in England, bringing our force, such as it is, to have Julian released from this plague of malice.’

Julian would be sent, if extradited, to the United States to a prison called a ‘supermax’ in Colorado. His son would be in a cell about 50 square feet; tiny. In that cell, there would be a shower and a toilet. The walls are concrete, there’s a slot into a steel door where every half an hour a guard looks in to see that you’re not going to commit suicide that you continue to suffer the insufferable. The prisoners have an exercise period. They’re taken out; prohibited from speaking to other prisoners. So there’s no association with other people.  It’s a vision of hell. That’s what they want to do to Julian Assange.

Typical of the war correspondent’s reports subsequently censored by mainstream media journalists: ‘In 2006, United States soldiers in Iraq went into a house and cold-bloodedly slaughtered the entire family, the children and the mother and the father and brothers and grandfather. They’re then considering their war crime. They called in, saying that there was resistance there from fighters or rebels, or whatever they wish to call them.

They called in an airstrike; the strike destroyed the home and what was left of the family. So the family disappeared from the earth forever.

This was revealed in the cables, as a consequence of the fury broken out in Iraq and in the Iraqi government. And the Iraqi government refused to resign the Status of Forces Agreement, which meant that the United States had to withdraw its soldiers from Iraq, which it did. So a leak brought an end to war, saving many thousands of lives. Please, don’t ever underestimate the consequence of the bravery of Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange and WikiLeaks.’ 

A question posed to the dissident journalist’s father: ‘Surely what enrages you more than anything is the misconduct of a so-called mainstream media that has refused to take up the cause of Julian Assange and sat silent, and has been complicit in this political persecution of Julian?’

‘Well, this is a toughie for me, because I can’t go and tip a bucket of slime on the media because I need their help. They’ve been pretty blind in this, up till now.

The New York Times and The Guardian and The Telegraph wrote editorials, saying that the extradition must not go ahead. So in that sense, they’ve come to their senses.

However, the full realization, that the destruction of Julian, the intimidation of journalists, the oppression of publishers and publications, destroys their prestige and their power and consequently their rewards and money. The full realization of that has to come to them and they have to ‘man up’ and face the government and say that this must not go ahead. That is to their benefit. 

Even given the rigged nature of that trial, however, it was clear that the prosecution’s case was so weak, that, by the end of the trial, even some independent observers were saying the case for extradition simply hadn’t been made.

John Shipton is adamantly upbeat: There’s no case for extradition whatsoever. That’s why they have to make up things. All we’ve ever asked is for these people to obey their own laws, and it starts from the top.

Disgracefully, the great arbiter, the United Nations have been dismissed by the United Kingdom and the United States and Sweden. The United Nations rapporteur on torture, Professor Nils Melzer of Glasgow University issued a report and the report is ignored.

This is, in itself, a crime, and furthermore, the abrogation of the right to asylum of a refugee. He (Julian Assange) was dragged from the embassy and that status was ignored. So, in three levels of human interaction, the United Nations, the conventions on asylum, and the ordinary, everyday application of the law, have been abolished, in Julian’s case.

Julian Assange supporters urge anyone who believes in free speech, freedom of expression, human rights, to sign petitions and get involved online, to join groups calling for Julian to be freed. Source

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