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European Union Rocked by Anti Regime Protests

Spain and much of the Western regions of the European Union are being rocked by violence, with anti-lockdown protesters clashing with police in multiple cities, including Madrid and Barcelona, Paris, Warsaw and other great cities over the state and regional governments’ move to toughen Covid-19 restrictions.

Protesters torched garbage containers and erected makeshift barricades on Gran Vía, and reportedly smashed several storefronts elsewhere in central Madrid on Saturday night.

Clashes in Spain have been reported in Russian media in Logrono, Burgos, Vitoria, Santander, Valencia, and Zaragoza. According to Spanish media, El Pais and La Razon, the Spanish peoples meekly follow their regime’s advice.

When state police moved in to clear the gathering protestors, they were pelted with stones and flares, and reportedly fired blank bullets forcing the protesters to disperse into nearby streets.

Meanwhile in Barcelona, police officers were bombarded with stones and other projectiles, as they tried to disperse anti-lockdown protests for the second consecutive night.

The regional government of Catalonia approved a new package of measures this week, including the perimeter confinement of each municipality, limiting people to their own district on weekends.

Clashes also took place in the Spanish city of Logrono, where protesters burned trash containers, smashed windows and looted several shops. Heated protests were also reported in Granada, Malaga and Bilbao.

Spain’s far-left Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez urged Spaniards, in a Saturday night tweet, to show patience and demonstrate ‘responsibility, unity and sacrifice’ to defeat the global pandemic, while condemning what he and his cohorts describe as the ’violent and irrational behaviour’ by a ’small minority’ of the population.

Spain’s parliament approved a breath-taking six-month extension to the national state of emergency, last week, granting regional authorities more power to tackle the country’s second wave of Covid-19. This is Spain’s third extension to the state of emergency during the pandemic and will be in force until May 9, but with the option for it to be lifted on March 9.

Under this new extension, regional governments have the power to control freedom of movement and curfew times without having to go through complicated fortnightly procedures in parliament. Since then, many regions have toughened their coronavirus measures, with night-time curfews, lockdowns and travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, in Italy, the riot police removed their helmets in a show of solidarity with the people’s protests against their totalitarian regime. 

There was wobble from the political caste: From ‘close everything’ to ‘let’s reopen everything’: the turnaround arrived overnight. The president of the Campania Region Vincenzo De Luca somersaults lockdown policy. Constant announcements and backtracking are throwing the bells into chaos.

Protest-gripped Spain | Anti-COVID restrictions rally descends into chaos in Madrid

ITALY: Riot police remove helmets in solidarity with protestors

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