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Baby Vampires on the Loose in Sweden

Harvesting the unborn children seems to be the latest sick nightmare of Sweden’s liberal caucus. The Swedish Green Party wants to offer free, subsidised, and safe abortions in Sweden to Polish women in response to the Catholic country’s tough abortion laws.

The far-left George Soros sponsored Greens will, of course, know that as Poland never opened its doors to non-Europeans, the Green’s sick harvest will by 99% ethnic-European unborn boys and girls.

In response to the proposed tightening of Poland’s abortion laws, Swedish Minister for Gender Equality Åsa Lindhagen has welcome Polish women come to Sweden on an abortion trip.

‘Let Polish women have an abortion in Sweden!’ Åsa Lindhagen thundered on Instagram against the proposed legislation, drawing historic parallels and calling for Sweden to reciprocate.

‘It is time for Sweden to stand up for Polish women in the same way that Poland once stood up for us! In the 1960s, when abortion was banned in Sweden, thousands of Swedish women travelled to Poland where abortion was legal’, Lindhagen wrote.

She emphasised that her Green Party, a fetish party and section of the ruling bloc, wants Sweden to offer Polish women free, subsidised abortions in Sweden. They say ‘safe’ abortions but hidden is the enormous psychological trauma suffered by women who agreed to have their unborn child aborted.

Abortion was legalised in Sweden in 1974. In subsequent decades, Sweden’s stance on family, gender, and reproduction issues has become increasingly liberal.

By contrast, Poland has after the breakup of the Eastern Bloc gradually made access to abortion increasingly difficult in a country strongly influenced by nationalism, ethic-pride and Catholicism. As of October 2020, abortion in Poland is only legal in cases of rape and incest, when the woman’s life or health is at risk, or when the foetus is irreparably damaged.

On 22 October 2020, however, a crass mistake to make, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal declared the law authorising abortions for malformed foetuses to be unconstitutional, effectively banning most of the small number of official abortions carried out in Poland. This has unleashed rallies in dozens of Polish cities in front of town halls, churches, and the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. Source

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  1. The problem isn’t that our women want or support these liberal things, even though it’s bad in and of itself. The problem is we white men started giving into their demands instead of being men and standing strong and firm and tell them “NO” like we would a dog or child that wanted something that wasn’t good for them or society for the long term.

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