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This is for the Men who Give a F**k

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They’re the men who show up without being asked, who stay up even when they’re exhausted; the men who put the seat back down when they’re finished.

They’re the men who have fierce respect for their mothers, and wouldn’t be caught dead having her do their laundry or paying their bills. This is for the men who know that choosing a strong woman full of magic can sometimes mean choosing a challenging life but they do it anyway because there is no greater gift than to partner with a daring, courageous heart.

They are the men who believe in inspiration as well as they demonstrate integrity. The men who tell their friends, their family, and their children that no one will disrespect their partner.

They are the men who can love with great power, and great vulnerability. Who aren’t afraid to take off their clothes in front of a woman and to be naked, in body and in the soul; who can stand and take in their partner and say ‘we are perfect together’.

They are those men who believe that starting the conversation is the gateway to everything. Men who would rather disappear alone into the mountains and the valley, cross the seas than idly sit their lives away at a bar or in front of a television.

They are the men who see with their souls and not just their eyes. The men who can stand in uncomfortable places, and be asked the hard questions, and not run away or turn to bullying and name-calling. They are the rare men who demonstrate their ability to put their own kind first whilst in the same breath respecting those who do likewise.

For the men who give up what society says is normal to support a woman while she climbs the ladder or launches a business and takes care of the children and do the dishes because being a partner is more important than being a breadwinner.

This is for the men who believe in serving something greater than themselves. This is for the men who were born to create things,  and refuse to be silenced. They create because they must; with their minds, their hands and their words, who are warriors for love.

This is for the men who believe in imagination and dance parties in the living room. For the men who believe in hard work and harder play: in relationships, in parenting, in business, and in the boudoir.

This is for the men who aren’t afraid to create something from nothing and go wildly in a new direction where there are no guarantees,  except that of a great adventure.

This is for the men who give all the fucks. The men who are loving strong, living fully, and daring greatly. May we know them. May we raise them and may you be one. The world needs more of these men. Author Unknown.  Don’t keep this story to your self; share it with friends.

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