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Last-Minute Appeal to Reason

Catherine Robinson of RIGHT TO LIFE UK has sent out a five-minute to midnight appeal to concerned citizens to come to the defence of the unborn children. The evidence that babies can feel pain in the womb, and during many abortions, highlights the humanity of the unborn child and provides another important reason to introduce legislation to protect the unborn and defenceless child from abortion.

To ensure MPs and Peers are aware of the latest evidence regarding foetal pain, the All-Party Parliamentary Pro-Life Group has organised a parliamentary meeting next week (Tuesday 17 November) where MPs and Peers will have the opportunity to hear from John Bockmann PA and Dr Stuart Derbyshire, co-authors of a recent Journal of Medical Ethics article, “Reconsidering Fetal Pain”.

While these two experts hold ‘divergent views regarding the morality of abortion,’ they have come together to address the science behind foetal pain.

Dr Stuart Derbyshire served on the 2010 Royal College of Gynaecologists’ working group, which concluded that foetal pain relief for abortion was unnecessary at any gestation. Now, both he and John Bockmann believe there is “good evidence” that the brain and nervous system, which start developing at 12 weeks’ gestation, are sufficient enough for the baby to feel pain. Obviously, all methods used in the abortion process subject the unborn children mind-chilling pain before finally surrendering to the unknown from which they were to be delivered.

Please click the button below to invite your MP to attend the meeting next Tuesday. It only takes 30 seconds using our easy-to-use email tool.

Click here to ask your MP to attend the meeting

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Catherine Robinson
Right To Life UK

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  1. The acceptance, promotion and legalization of abortion has been one of the key factors in the suicide of the white race . If you look at the U.K it would not be non white women lining up to have their child aborted, it is mainly white women.

    Who is to blame for this anti life attitude that is destroying the white racial demographic around the world. It is the media who have pushed promiscuity, and disrespect for life to both women and men since the 1960s.

    It is the bastard politicians who subsidize and defend the abortion industry and are are all too ready to replace Europeans in their own country. And it is jewish feminists who have endlessly promoted the killing of unborn children as a right . Let the wrath of almighty God fall on all of them.

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  2. I agree with you 100%. It’s the same in America. It’s always white women here that support all this liberal BS, like “Black Lives Matter” From personal experience, it is white women that will disown men of their own race for being proud of our own race. From personal experience, nonwhite women are openyl racial and are proud of their race and expect the nonwhite men of their own race to be proud of their respective race. With White Women in America (and yes, UK) they expect their white men to be weak, self hating, “tolerant” and always are quick to tell white guys what they’re saying is “racist” or “hateful” or “not tolerant”

    The ONLY white women I’ve met in my life who were prowhite/not fond of multiculturalism were those from Eastern Europe. They made comments on race that not even my grandfathers had the courage to say. I’ve met a few American White women that were pro white, anti-liberal, prolife or conservative in some way, but they were the minority.

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