Month: November 2020

Day of National Mourning in Germany

The date of this event is unique for each year. It was usually celebrated on the penultimate Sunday of November. In 2020, this date is on November 15th. Volkstrauertag (Day of National Mourning) is a national day of memory in Germany. It is celebrated in mid-November and is now a reminder of the need for reconciliation, understanding and peace. The history of this day is complex and ambiguous.

The Ottery Tar Barrels Burning Festival

Every year on November 5th, for reasons lost in antiquity, the villagers of Ottery St Mary, Devon in England’s West Country race through the streets carrying heavy barrels full of flaming tar in one of the quirkiest of British traditions. The West Country has a history of torchlight processions and a tradition of burning barrels and rolling them down the streets, but Ottery is the only village where barrels aren’t rolled but carried above the head. The tradition is believed to have started in the 17th century, possibly when someone decided that rolling barrels were tame and carrying barrels on the shoulders was far more appealing.

Water Cannon but Whites Only

Things got heated when a massive Covid-19 sceptic march in the German city of Frankfurt was met with a counter-protest by notorious Antifa rowdies. The police had to muscle in too, and on this occasion using water cannon to separate the sides and making arrests.