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The Killer the Cops couldn’t Kill

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MICHAEL WALSH: ‘I had the privilege of knowing and becoming a friend of the international tracker and survival specialist, Eddie McGee (1938-2002).  A former Special Air Forces (SAS) army sergeant, Eddie achieved international fame when in 1982 he used his phenomenal tracking skills to track down triple-killer, Barry Prudom (1944-1982).

The fugitive slayer sought sanctuary in Yorkshire’s Dalby Forest after he shot and killed two cops, one a 31-year-old police sergeant, and a civilian electrician.

After a string of murders, burglaries and car thefts, Barry Prudom was finally holed up in the wild landscapes of Yorkshire and for 18 days and nights he evaded capture. 

What followed was the biggest police operation ever mounted. Involved were twelve police forces totalling 1,000 police officers, Army helicopters, army and police marksmen but the fugitive evaded capture.

It was a tricky operation. The trained killer was a SAS trained survival specialist and dubbed ‘the phantom in the forest’. In fact, Prudom had attended several Eddie McGee’s SAS survival courses. Barry Prudom had been taught everything he knew by Eddie McGee but not everything McGee knew.

The police called on Eddie to help. When his former instructor traced the killer to his lair, Barry Prudom took his own life.

When I talked about the incident with Eddie, my friend was self-effacing but explained in detail how broken blades of grass, disturbed spiders’ webs, and slight scuffs on moss had unerringly guided the tracker to the killer’s lair.

Eddie set up courses teaching survival skills. Dear to his heart was his wish to raise awareness and self-confidence in vulnerable women. He trained ladies in the arts of self-defence.

It was from Eddie I learned the truth of the adage, ‘it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight; it’s the size of the fight in the dog’. How true that is. To make his point he reminded me that despite its tiny size it’s impossible to hold a cat that has no wish to be held.

Yet a cat’s claws are shorter than a woman’s; the creature is very much smaller, its teeth whilst sharp are tiny compared to a lady’s teeth. If your attention is unwanted the household cat makes its displeasure known by giving its all to escape your embrace.

One of the ironies of life and death is that often, killers when brought to justice are revealed to be physically inadequate; lowlife. Their only advantage is their self-belief at the time they attack. Few would try it on against a man.

The life I led bought me to the company of people who were different. Such a lady was petite Gloria. Making her acquaintance at a seedy Durban club I smirked indulgently when on asking what she did for a living she replied;

“I am a bouncer”. I laughed on the other side of my face when in the early hours she excused herself a moment to hurl a giant and very defiant Scandinavian down the stairwell.

Be prepared; a simple debit card or a bunch of keys used in defence are formidable. Never underestimate yourself in a threatening situation; if it is a fight or flight decision remember the Napoleonic maxims; ‘he who hits first hits twice’ and ‘the best form of defence is attack.’ Remember too, it is better to be judged by twelve than be carried by six. ~ Michael Walsh

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