Month: December 2020

True Spirit of Christmas is Among Us

A business owner and his partner bought the entire contents of a toy shop to give to families who need presents this Christmas. Ryan Powell, owner of Brecongate Projects purchased all the toys left at D. Emlyn Lloyd in Ystrad Mynach for families in need following the announcement that non-essential retailers are to close.

The Christmas Truce of 1914

The people of Europe are related to each other by blood and culture, but have been set against each other by our parasitic elites for centuries. Let us never again fight wars against our cousins for the benefit of alien interests.

Bill Gates Buys the BBC

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provided millions of pounds in funding to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) over the years. Despite being the United Kingdom’s public service and supposedly independent broadcaster, the station’s international charity BBC Media Action receives heavy funding from the Gates Foundation