Month: December 2020

Is Washington Provoking War in Europe

Russia has repeatedly detected the ominous presence of NATO warships, including vessels with cruise missiles, in close proximity to Russia’s territorial waters which have soured the already tense relations between Moscow and the bloc. President Vladimir Putin has told the Ministry of Defence to respond promptly to a missile deployment by western nations near Russian borders, should such a necessity arise.

Greatest Population Movements since World War II

The question on everyone’s lips is, has a collective madness descended on the politically elite. In London and Madrid, elsewhere too, regimes close capital cities with a few hours’ notice. Unsurprisingly, millions flee from the metropolis and spread out in their countries. Not a single journalist has the spine to question such madness; indeed, the media seems to be part of the lunacy.

Medieval Russians Built Churches in One Day to Ward Off Epidemics

In the middle ages, many Russian communities, especially in the Novgorod and Pskov regions, believed in building churches as response to calamities raging at that time, most often epidemics. The tradition known as obydennye khramy requires that the church be completed within the course of a single day. These one-day votive churches were built by communal labor and were simple in design and small in size. Construction usually began at night and ended before sunset of the following day. By nightfall, the church had to be consecrated. Made of wood, they stood no more than 40-50 years.

Experts Freak out over Vax Victims

Taking the Covid-19 vaccination appears to be the modern form of Russian roulette, a lethal game played by bored army officers of Imperial Russia. Two days after the first COVID-19 vaccine was to a healthcare worker in Long Island, New York, two healthcare workers in Alaska who received Pfizer’s COVID vaccine experienced allergic reactions. One of those, a woman with no prior history of allergies, suffered an anaphylactic reaction and spent at least two nights in the hospital.

SS Baychimo: The Unsinkable Ghost Ship

Ships aren’t meant to sink, but sometimes you have to wonder what miraculous forces kept a vessel afloat. The SS Baychimo was such a ship. For nearly four decades after it was abandoned, this 1,300-ton cargo ship sailed the Arctic without fuel or crew, until it disappeared just over fifty years ago, but some believe she is still out there drifting among the frozen icebergs.