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Citizens Organise Recovery of Democracy

The catastrophic loss of human rights and democracy suffered by the peoples of the developed world could end by February 28, 2021 if a new initiative is grasped.

Most national and local governments have a means, usually by referendum or massive protest, for citizens to demand elections. Change can and will take place. You will be part of that change.

Can the citizens succeed? The Soviet Union and a score of Soviet Bloc regimes were considered invincible but the Soviet system was overthrown by the organised grassroots movement of the citizens.

People power today threatens the unity of the European Union as the United States implodes. The World Economic Forum admits that nationalism threatens their sinister Great Reset.

It is essential that a Citizens Initiative be immediately formed to resist national suicide and loss of freedom posed globalism. The old struggle between Left and Right is obsolete. Just as Communism (Comintern) adapted to Globalism then Left and Right must unite to National Interest in harmony.

Old rivalries; political and religious, class and culture must be subordinate to the National Interest of each nation. The organised Citizens Initiative can and will mount civil disobedience protests that make governance impossible and new elections unavoidable.

The priority today is to bring forward by whatever means elections of national and local government. In preparation, people must immediately form Citizens Initiative political parties or associations and quickly prepare for electoral challenges according to the conditions open to them.


  • Organise anti-lockdown movements to resist totalitarian government. Select candidates to stand for local and national government.
  • Citizens’ Initiative electoral candidates are chosen by referendum by the people and not chosen by a political clique.
  • Candidates must not be politically affiliated to the old parties.
  • Each Citizens Initiative nominee undertakes to abide primarily by the National Interest constitution.
  • A truly representative and untainted parliament of the peoples is prepared to manage the affairs of their nation according to and accountable to the will of the people.


  • All political and public service employees in both their professional and domestic lives must be publically transparent, untainted by conflict of interest, and accountable to Citizens Initiative parliamentary supervision at all times.
  • Corporate, banking, mainstream press and radio and television media be subordinate to national taxes, parliamentary control and interests.
  • Parliamentary sanctuary is removed forthwith.
  • Leading judiciary and police department heads will disconnect from political influence and control and be free of conflict of interests. All police behaviours towards the public to be rigidly controlled.
  • All lockdowns, statistic fraud, quarantines, travel restrictions immediately suspended.
  • Life will return to what it was before March 2021 and improved upon.
  • Trade and economic sanctions reconsidered thereby opening up vast markets for service and industry.

Lockdowns, social separation, quarantine, travel restrictions are nothing to do with containing the spread of a minor virus. These denials of human rights are used to suppress dissent.

This movement for return to genuine people’s democracy requires greater detail. The most pressing need is to immediately set-up a Citizens Initiative, to organise referendum to demand local and national election.

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  1. Dear Mike and Nadia, Please realize, “democracy” is a word the Devil’s children have used to enslaved this century. It’s not what you say it is Mike. “Democracy” is “Communism” and has been ever since Teddy Roosevelt. Everything the Jews have touched has destroyed good. You do realize that Israel, Democracy, Charles of the Royal family who murdered Princess Diana, and Netanyahu of Israel runs the USA and its presidents and lawmakers? Under yid Democracy, the Brits, USA, and all of their devil’s children have worked to destroy all good in this world. In order to please Israel and Netanyahu the American President Trump violated international law, (nothing new for them)and Trump bragged about sending a drone into Iran, murdering the finest leader in this world in 2020, General Sulieman, Trump did that to please the most evil country in this world, run by the devil himself. He did that, because Israel wants Iran’s land. – Your rooting for vile democracy is causing me to be very sad. Democracy kills, maims
    and destroys more lives, the present day Germany being just one of their resulting crimes.

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    • Democracy is a very elastic term, Janice. There was the Pericles form, which was best seen since in NSDAP Germany and crushed by the ‘democracies’. Fake democracy put the boot down on the free voice of the people expressed in, I seem to recall, about 8 referendum.


  2. I think it was Jefferson who said “democracy is mob-rule”. When I was in school, we were taught “the greeks instituted democracy”. Their form of “democracy” was the tribal elders or leaders voted. The proles could not. The “one man one vote” was started by our overlords. Have you not noticed that 90+% of politicians are jews?
    They find it so easy to manipulate the goyim.


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