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Three times as many slaves as during the Dark Ages of Servitude

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The term ‘slavery’ conjures up images of shackles and White-owned transatlantic ships, depictions relegated to the past and always attributed to depict Europeans immorality and greed.

Leaving Hollywood and mainstream media’s hideous anti-White spin aside, more people are enslaved today than at any other time in history. Experts calculated that roughly 13 million people were captured and sold as slaves between the 15th and 19th centuries. As we reach 2021 a probable 40.3 million people, or more than three times the figure during the transatlantic slave trade, live in slavery. These are the well-researched findings of the UN’s International Labour Organisation (ILO) and the Walk Free Foundation.

Women and girls comprise 71% of modern slavery victims. Children makeup 25% of those in unpaid unwilling servitude and account for 10 million of all the slaves worldwide.

A person is considered enslaved if they are forced to work against their will, or if they are owned or controlled by an exploiter or employer; have limited freedom of movement; are dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as property, according to Anti-Slavery International.

Globally, more than half of the 40.3 million victims (24.9 million) are in forced labour. This means they are working against their will and under threat, intimidation or coercion. An additional 15.4 million people are estimated to exist in forced marriages.

Unwillingly and trapped in the slave-owning system, each one of us benefits from slave including child slave labour. This was far from the case in the 18th Century when only the rich and mainly non-Europeans benefited from slavery.

Of the 24.9 million people stuck in forced labour, 16 million work in the private sector. Slaves clean houses and flats; produce the clothes we wear; pick the fruit and vegetables we eat; trawl the seas for the shrimp on our restaurant plates; dig for the minerals used in our smartphones, makeup and electric cars; and work on construction jobs building infrastructure for the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

Another 4.8 million people toiling in forced labour are estimated to be sexually exploited. Roughly 4.1 million people are in state-sanctioned forced labour. This includes government-sanctioned abuse of military conscription, forced construction or agricultural work. In certain countries such as Mauritania, people are still born into ‘hereditary’ slavery if their mother was a slave.

The taboo truth never discussed is that the vast majority of modern slaves are non-Europeans and they are enslaved by non-Europeans. Sadly, the truth and transparency is no longer politically correct. And, there is no William Wilberforce to bring the slaves hope from their womb to early tomb despair.

A Bangladeshi Child break bricks at Postogola brick breaking yard in Dhaka, Bangladesh, on June 3, 2017. With over half of the population living below the poverty line, women and children are often forced into hard manual labour such as brick breaking. Working barefoot and with rough untensils, each child worker earns less than 2$ US Dollars per day. (Photo by Mehedi Hasan/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Again, women and girls bear the brunt of these statistics, comprising 99% of all victims in the commercial sex industry, and 58% in other sectors, according to the International Labour Organisation.

Statistically, modern slavery is most widespread in Africa, followed by Asia and the Pacific, according to the Global Slavery Index, which publishes country-by-country rankings on modern slavery figures and government responses to tackle the issues. Again, this is not a European issue but a non-European problem, a dreadful cancer that scars humanity.

Yet Hollywood and mainstream media constantly bludgeon Europeans for their alleged trans-Atlantic slave trade whilst neglecting to add that the Irish were England’s first trans-Atlantic slaves. Furthermore, the Dominions, especially the Americas, Australia and New Zealand were founded on White slavery.

The International Labour Organisation and Walk Free warn that these figures are likely skewed due to lack of data from key regions. ‘We believe that the global estimate of 40.3 million is the most reliable data to date, although we believe it to be a conservative estimate as there were millions of people we couldn’t reach in conflict zones or on the refugee trail and places where we couldn’t be sure of collecting robust data such as the Gulf states, where access and language barriers prevented us from reaching the migrant worker communities.’

More than 70% of the 4.8 million sex exploitation victims are in the United States and, Israel (prostitution, pornography, snuff movies, and paedophilia). Contenders are The Middle East, Asia and the Pacific region. Forced marriage is most prevalent in Africa. But there isn’t a single country that isn’t tainted by slavery: 1.5 million victims are living in developed countries, with an estimated 13,000 enslaved in the UK ~ largely by migrants or descendants of migrants.

Slavery is lucrative. Globally, slavery generates as much as $150bn (£116bn) in profits every year. More than ($46.9bn) is generated in developed countries, including the EU.

Whereas slave traders two centuries ago were forced to contend with costly journeys and high mortality rates, modern exploiters have much lower overheads thanks to huge advances in technology and transportation. Modern migration flows also mean that a large supply of vulnerable, exploitable people can be tapped into for global supply chains in agriculture, beauty, fashion and sex industries.

According to slavery expert Siddharth Kara, modern slave traders earn up to 30 times more than their 18th and 19th-century counterparts would have done. The one-off cost of a slave today is $450, Kara estimates. A forced labourer generates roughly $8,000 in annual profit for their exploiter. Sex traffickers earn an average of $36,000 per victim.

‘Slavery today is more profitable than I could have imagined,’ Kara said. ‘Profits on a per-slave basis can range from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred thousand dollars a year, with total annual slavery profits estimated to be as high as $150bn.’

It’s important to admit that global population rates also affect estimates. The top 10 countries with the highest estimated absolute number of victims are also some of the most populous. Together, these 10 countries, the United States and Israel, the European Union, China (that the EU sucks up to), the Democratic Republic of the Congo, India, Indonesia, Iran, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, the Philippines and Russia, comprise 80% of all the people living in modern slavery, as well as more than half the world’s population, according to the Global Slavery Index.

An increase in violent conflict worldwide over the past 30 years has further inflated the number of people at risk of slavery, according to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), with armed groups and terrorists turning to trafficking ‘to show they have control over the community, or to increase their force, either recruiting child soldiers or work by gifting sex slaves as a reward for their recruitment’.

Whereas centuries ago it was common for a slave trader to simply buy another human being and own that person as their property (which does still happen), today the practice is largely more insidious. Trafficking involves the recruitment, transfer or obtaining of an individual through coercion, abduction, fraud or physical force to exploit them.

Exploitation can range from forced labour to forced marriage or commercial sex work. The exploiter can be anyone, including strangers, or neighbours. Most humans are trafficked within their own countries, although they can also be transferred abroad; most often the individual is marketed into forced labour.

Many times, the victim is led to believe they have been offered a well-paid job in a different city or country, only to find the job does not exist and they are now indebted to their ‘employer’ or trafficker and must pay transportation, lodging and any other ‘fees’ the exploiter demands, thereby forcing the victim into debt bondage.

Investigations reveal a slew of abuses from Qatar to Thailand, India to the United States. Qatar was forced to take action after revelations of abusive practices foisted on migrant workers helping build its infrastructure for the 2022 World Cup.

Trafficking in the fishing industries is widespread, particularly in south-east and east Asia.  Men are lured by the promise of jobs in agriculture or construction, then drugged or beaten and wake up at sea.

Modern slavery affects people of every ethnic group including European, age and gender. Slavery is more prevalent among vulnerable people. That might be a villager looking for a better-paid job in a neighbouring country, only to find they are trafficked on to a fishing boat.

Perhaps a girl as young as eight or ten years of age forced to marry because her family can no longer afford to keep her at home. Occasionally, a homeless person kidnapped from a London soup kitchen and forced to work on a caravan site or an illegal migrant who can be threatened with deportation if he or she doesn’t do what the trafficker demands. Slavery is global but flourishes in places where the rule of law is weak and corruption goes unchecked says Anti-Slavery International. Activists such as Kara believe that slavery can be eradicated for good. But, it would take great political will and considerable research and both are in short demand. Source

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