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Cops bend the knee to the Anti-Covid People

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The people of Brussels take off the masks and the police find that it is impossible to issue penalties to those who do not respect the Belgium regime’s claim to be pursuing health measures.

The numbers do not necessarily add up to the truth. But numbers can turn out to be very valuable in curbing certain iniquitous practices. The lesson was given to Europeans this weekend in Brussels and should apply for France and for the rest of Europe subjected to Covidian hysteria.

With the good weather and the onset of spring, all Brussels green spaces, parks, promenades and in particular the Parc du Cinquantenaire and the Bois de la Cambre, saw a very high number of visitors on Sunday. 

Interestingly, and a very large proportion of walkers have lowered the mask in a spontaneous movement of liberation, without any further respect for the famous social distances. Faced with the magnitude of the phenomenon, the police have given up giving warnings to so many people in defiance of the regime’s repression.

‘Observation: there are many people without a mask. The police are watching but cannot be everywhere despite the deployment of additional patrols, ’said Ilse Van de Keere, spokesperson for the Brussels-Capital / Ixelles police, laconically. And to admit: ‘It was impossible to caution or issue tickets to all those who did not respect the measures.’ SOURCE: Media-Press-Info , February 22, 2021. Source


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  1. For my job, I have to wear a mask. The only exceptions are when I am alone at my desk and nobody is near me, when I take a sip of water/coffee/soda, when I’m eating, when I’m outside on my break away from people, etc. It’s so stupid! I am not set on taking the vaccine either, and it scares me the educated and professional people I know (even those in the medical field) that are buying up all this Covid propaganda.

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