Month: February 2021

The Irishman who Saved Hitler’s Life

It is Munich, 1919. In the second city of Germany, the corporal lay on the ground, badly beaten and he is bleeding profusely. The irate German soldiers continued to slam their jackboots into his face and body. A flash of steel indicated that bayonets had been drawn. The corporal prepared to die.

Benefits as to why I should get vaccinated

1. Can I stop wearing a mask?
2. Can they reopen restaurants etc. and everyone work normally?
3. Will I be resistant to COVID?
Maybe, but they don’t know exactly. It probably won’t stop you getting it.
4. At least I won’t be contagious to others, right?
No, you can still pass it on, maybe…nobody knows.
5. If we vaccinate children, will schools resume normally?

The 387 Houses of Peter Fritz

In 1993, while rummaging through a junk shop in Vienna, Austria, artist Oliver Croy made an extraordinary discovery—hundreds of beautiful, handcrafted architectural models each neatly wrapped in rubbish bags. Croy was so attracted by the skilled workmanship that he acquired the entire lot—nearly four hundred of them.

No kings, queens or jacks. Gender neutral playing cards invented in Netherlands.

Playing cards, a card game that originated in the 9th Century could be changed forever after a media sponsored woman came up with a deck without kings, queens and jacks. The new invention is widely published with positive spin and promoted by multi-national Reuters news agency that supplies Western media with a constant stream of news and views that is heavily influenced by Israeli interests.

Sweden urgently needs an Anti-Madness Vaccine

While deploying troops to assist the police in monitoring the national border controls and upholding the government’s entry ban due to a mutated Covid strain, Sweden freed asylum seekers from the new restrictions for ‘humanitarian reasons’. Migrants are still being encouraged to come to Sweden and spread like a contagion.