White Afrikaners Believe in the Prophecy of Genocide and Revolution

With the abolition of separate development of the ethnic groups in South Africa in the 1990s, White Afrikaners (descendants of the Boer colonists) felt their vulnerability. The White race ethnic created the Suidlanders movement, whose members believe in Black genocide of the White population. 

South Africa, while remaining the most economically developed country on the African continent has many points in its history. The descendants of the White colonialists, who separated into a separate ethnic group of Afrikaners ruled the territory for a long time and in 1948 the official policy of separate race development was launched.

Black South Africans lived on reservations, townships, wherein 90% of cases there was no electricity or running water. They were forbidden to enter the White territory without a special pass. This was usually limited to service workers and servants. Blacks had their own services such as hospitals and schools subsidised heavily by the ethnic-Europeans whose community brought order and status similar to that of Canada to the Republic.

South Africa was racially separated as was much of the United States (Native Americans and Coloureds) and Australia (Aborigines) until the collapse of South Africa in 1994, when Nelson Mandela came to power. Backed by globalists, his victory in the presidential election marked the end of the racial division of the republic’s inhabitants.

The chasm between Afrikaners and blacks resulted in growing criminal activity, which peaked in 1993 and 1994. Crime and insecurity, as well as a change in the ruling elite, pushed Afrikaners to create organizations representing their interests. In 2006, the Suidlanders movement was formed, 130,000 people have followed its leader Gustave Müller over the past 15 years.

The Suidlanders ideology is based on the belief in the coming changes provoked by the black inhabitants of the country, which will likely wipe out the majority of White South Africans from the face of the earth.

Members of the organization are seriously preparing for genocide and revolution, during which they plan to provide a civil defence to the entire White population of South Africa.

The majority of the Suidlanders are Boers, an ethnic group of Afrikaners. In South Africa, the Boers are engaged in farming, they are conservative and religious. The Suidlanders ideology was influenced by the predictions of Syner van Rensburg, the famous Boer prophet. 

Legends go that van Rensburg predicted the events of the Second Boer War of 1899-1902 and the fate of Afrikaners for years to come, the dissolution of separate development, the coming to power of the ANA (Nelson Mandela) and the civil war of the 21st century, for which the Suidlanders now prepare.

The Suidlanders belief in the revolution is also reinforced by facts from modern life in South Africa. Afrikaners are anxious about the official theft of land and the mass murder of White farmers. 

There are many signals that herald the beginning of the end. The country is now in a critical phase. The conservative society has reacted harshly to the murder of a young farmer, Brendin Horner and the burning of farms,’ said Simon Roche, a spokesman for the Suidlanders. In October 2020, 21-year-old Horner was brutally murdered on his farm, his body was found lashed to a pole in a field.

White farmers demonstrated on the day of Horner’s murderers’ trial. They accused the authorities of inaction, read the Bible, prayed and at some point tried to break into the courtroom. Some of the farmers donned old military uniforms and sang the old South African anthem. Nearby, blacks sang the liberation-era song ‘Kill the Boer.’

In 2019, there were more than 21,000 murders in South Africa, including 49 White farmers. Another trigger is the expropriation of land, which the state returns to the indigenous population, taking away the rights to it from Afrikaners without compensation.

This follows the experience in former Rhodesia that impoverished Zimbabwe and reduced the continent’s most prosperous nation to that of a starvation level of Somalia. Ethic-Europeans account for 72% of the agricultural land in South Africa, while the descendants of the colonialists make up only 7.9% of the registered residents of the South African state.

In 2017, justifying these figures by the unequal distribution of resources in the country, the South African government began work on amendments to the 25th article of the constitution, designed to protect private property. South African President Cyril Ramaphosa stressed that ‘the land must be transferred to those who cultivate it and those who need it.’

The reform (seizures), according to the Black Power regime, should reduce the level of inequality and enable the indigenous people of the country to strengthen their financial position. But the most serious concerns are not caused by black racist changes to the constitution, but by the seizure of land without compensation.

The Boers fear a repetition of the Zimbabwean scenario, after the expropriation of land in the 2000s, most ethnic-Europeans left the country. This self-exile led to a sharp decline in industry and agriculture, and Zimbabwe became the 26th poorest country in the world. 

Suidlander Margaret Hatting said in an interview that she was going to defend her right to land: ‘Even if we are kicked out of the farm, we will never leave here. My children are the 13th generation of a family who grew up on this farm. How can you take it away from us? What example will I set for my children if I just leave? ‘

Margaret Hatting walks every day with a pistol and a walkie-talkie behind his back. She tries to teach her children how to defend themselves in the event of conflict or attack by black South Africans. 

‘My oldest children were nine years old when they had to learn to shoot and drive an SUV. My daughter knows how to sew up wounds. It is psychologically difficult to live in such tension. How can I teach children to shoot a person when the time is right? 

We are not killers, but we are trying to prepare for such scenarios. I need to explain to the children why they want to harm us, ‘says Margaret. At the same time, the workers of the Hatting farm and the servants are black.

Suidlanders spokesman Simon Roche believes that the killings, illegal seizure of land and the lack of financial support from the state during the coronavirus pandemic is a time bomb. But the movement, unlike other Afrikaner organizations, has a clear plan of action in the event of a revolution. 

‘We know where, when and why we are going. We have a good communication system; our supporters-farmers own their own radio towers. We are as transparent as possible and we are not doing anything illegal, we are not buying bazookas and other military weapons,’ explains Roche.

Roche says that the organization expects an outbreak of anarchy at any moment. It can be provoked, for example, by the cessation of social payments, because of which people will begin to protest and rob each other for money for food. 

‘Our ethnic group is much smaller than the black population. To survive, we will need to evacuate people and mobilize in certain places in South Africa,’ says Simon.

Preparations for a crisis situation are carried out at two levels. Among the rank-and-file members and among the leadership of the organization, supporters of the movement are advised to have an all-wheel-drive car or trailer, a tent and enough fuel so that, in the event of a revolution, it will be possible to leave the conflict for a while. 

The Suidlanders plans to evacuate in groups of 10 families – each group has its own route and gathering points. They are constantly working on and fixing GPS coordinates, making maps and plans for retreating to safe locations.

According to the members of the organization, as soon as the race war begins, Europeans in South Africa will be drawn into their ranks. The leaders of the movement organize the preparation for this scenario, they develop methods of sustainable agriculture, think over how to sow and harvest as efficiently as possible in order to feed large numbers of people.

The goal of the Suidlanders is to build a working system in which everyone will help each other and perform certain functions. ‘If you know how to sew, here’s a thread with needles. You are a young guy, hold your gun. Are you a carpenter? Okay, make us a bed for the baby. Do you have experience working as a psychologist? Then help people with PTSD and counsel women who have been raped during a raid,’ says Simon Roche. ‘We want to build a holistic society for our own survival.’

The media call the Suidlanders conspiracy theorists and supporters of the idea of White supremacy, but the problem of the murder of White farmers and the expropriation of land is serious.

They can bring the country closer, if not to the scenario of the prophet Syner van Rensburg, then at least to the final split of an already fragmented society. Monica Norse Source

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  1. The Suidlanders plan of action should be the model for whites in Europe to copy. The situation in South Africa is at best a decade ahead of what will happen in most Western European countries.

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  2. Thanx Mike for this article on South Africa. It is truly sad, that these brave people have been left hung out to dry by their white fellows in Europe. The governments in Europe deliberately hide the disastrous developments in Africa, bring in racial an religiously utterly foreign people , while ignoring the plight of their own. We are very sick and have been turned into masochsistic idealists who worship their own worst enemies..

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  3. Gerard
    It’s the governments that betrayed SA., just like they are betraying their own people. If you look at the ethnicity of those in power you can see who and why.

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