Month: March 2021

The Cursed Soldiers of Poland

On February 1 1945, Poland’s General Anders reproached Winston Churchill for not adhering to the English guarantees (to defend Poland’s independence). He asked the unelected British Prime Minister. ‘What shall we say to our soldiers? Soviet Russia is now confiscating half of our territory and wants the remaining part of Poland to be managed according to her own fashion. We know from experience where that leads.’

The visionaries who tried to warn the world

DUNCAN O’FINIOAN: ‘You’re not going to wake anyone up, anymore. We’re basically at end game. There are things about to start happening everywhere that’s going to freak the shit out of people. Back away from trying to wake them up. They’re comfortably asleep. They are where they want to be. And unfortunate as it is, when the crap does hit the fan, they are going to look around and say, ‘why didn’t someone say something?’ ~ Duncan O’Finioan.