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Sadly too many men live like a lion

The lion is said to be the king of the jungle. The big cat is a symbol of raw power, courage and nobility. The lion’s formidable strength and nomadic independence inspire us. The figure of the lion emblazons coats of arms, escutcheons, everything from auto symbolism to beer or whatever.

The truth about the so-called king of the jungle exposes the myth about lions. Lions are the most bone idle of all the big cats. In fact, you would find it difficult to find man or beast as demotivated as the lion. The creature spends 16 to 20 hours each day sleeping or resting so his ideal partner might be better the sloth.

The lion and two or three male relatives share a ménage a trois and indeed a full-blown harem of up to ten lionesses as the pride roam the African savannah.

Lions, when they are awake, constantly squabble and fight among themselves. It doesn’t get any better for the imagery of lions: the lions can’t be trusted with the cubs. All that is expected of the males is that they defend their territory and their harem. As lionesses are as keen as mustard at defending the cubs and territory too you could say that this most ignoble of beasts is surplus to requirement.

The shopping at the butchers is 90 percent done by the lionesses but males get to eat first and the male lions get the best cuts. As a hunter, the lion is pretty much hapless. On the rare occasion lions do bother to hunt they get it right only about 50 percent of the time.

What do lions do during the few hours they are conscious.  They flirt with the lionesses. At fornication, lions are Oscar winners but in terms of endurance, the lion leaves much to be desired. His amorous activity is exhausted in less than one minute. 

In fairness, the lion quickly recovers his interest every 15-minutes or so and keeps it up for five days. This might explain why a surplus of shut-eye is essential during the less amorous periods. You likely know a few male friends whose habits and lack of get up and go remind you very much of the lions. ~ Michael Walsh

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  1. This is so true. The male lion is next to useless. If it weren´t for his harem, he would likely disapear from history. However, a beautiful lion is a marvel to behold and therein lies his magic — it´s the image that counts, as in so many other things.

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