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A Tribute to True Masculinity

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Imagine being a female and thinking that masculinity is toxic instead of literally being the sexiest, most mesmerizing, comforting thing you’ve ever come across in your life, and being aware of an instinctive primal level it is why you exist. Modern woman, you’ve broken in so many pieces.

Truly masculine men are literally my favourite thing in the world. They make me feel safe, protected and man carries so many strengths that women do not.

The most masculine men I know have been the sweetest beings on this earth to women. They love women, they protect us, they help us when we are scared or emotional, soothe our fears, take care of what we have a hard time doing. They make everything in this life that’s scary, dangerous or horrifying seem like it’s nothing to them. It’s incredible. How are you not blown away with awe and admiration for a strength you don’t have?

Ultra masculine men are like big dogs (and I mean that well). Like they look gigantic, ferocious and terrifying to everyone but they are a total mush to women and seek to help them, love them and please them. They just want food, to be played with and loved and I guess they want pets and belly rubs too.

It’s literally a part of my spiritual religious faith to worship the masculine force of the cosmos. I’m a Tantric, the masculine principle of the cosmos the other half of the female soul incarnate. And the highest purpose in this life is to unite with that and worship, to please, nurture, take care of, celebrate, your divine counterpart as your own personal piece of god before you, and you are his personal piece of the goddess.

These stupid feminists are literally attacking a divine principle. I love and live for and utterly adore masculinity and I have zero qualms with that.

Sure there are toxic men, but mostly I find those types to not be very masculine, generally, it’s lesser men with some sort of inferiority complex or who are weaker than other men, more ugly, less intelligent, out of shape etc. that are abusive to women, or try and force unwanted sexually inappropriate behaviour on us.

Truly masculine men don’t do that. The biggest, bawdiest, strongest men I’ve known in my life are exceptionally sweet to women compared to other men.

Their instincts are to love women. It’s so cute. Like here you have these gigantic muscular brute Titans and they strike fear into other men by their mere presence. It is so adorable and funny that (especially around short or petite) women they are like so careful and doting like they are scared to hurt us or of us being hurt.

It’s like they know deep down how helpless we are (sometimes). I think it is adorable and horrifying because they understand how dangerous it can be for a creature to not be as strong or big, and the compassion in their hearts for that is beautiful.

And yet with something smaller than and not as strong as they are they have a wonder and amazement and enormous respect for a creature so much different than they are. They know that before them in that delicate little package is a strength they don’t have as well.

A man being toxic is an individual thing and not something to be generalized at all men. Men built temples for the goddesses, men and kings consulted the oracle of Delphi, men have written infinite poems of love and worship of the feminine, civilized men built a world that caters to us.

Go to a mall and count how many stores are exclusively for women, count how many there are for men. Men carry women from floods and fires, men provided us with food and shelter in ancient times. Men built our homes; they put in place laws that protect us.

Real men literally get down on their knees before women to propose marriage. The most powerful creature on this planet submits himself not out of weakness but out of love for the most delicate.

This Apex predator on this planet (the white male) adores you and has created a world that protected his very heart which is a woman. Compare that to any non-white majority country. Look at women’s rights there. And here you have a commercial showing minority man defending white women from white men when in reality it is the opposite.

In a scene in the disgusting anti-white male Gillette commercial, a white guy sees a beautiful white woman. He decides to talk to her or tries to and a black male grabs him and stops him.

Exactly what is wrong with a white male trying to flirt with a female of his own kind? What’s amazing is the woman in the scene didn’t see or stop this. She didn’t even get a chance to get a look at him. He didn’t even say anything but was stopped by the black guy when he tried to approach her. Now it’s toxic to be white and sexually attracted to a woman and to want to get her number.

And here in this disgusting repellent anti-white male commercial demonizing the white woman’s natural protectors, the males of her species, her natural mate, her brothers, her father, her uncles, her cousins and her sons, her friends, her tribe, her family.

I am so sick of this persistent and toxic demonization of our natural allies and protectors of our species. These sons of our Gods who are in their image are being turned into predatory villains.

You leave what we love alone. Don’t you dare try and take that from us? I would not even want to live this life if it wasn’t for masculinity. It’s what makes all the struggles and hardships in life worth it.

Men know your place. Wear your crown. Stay masculine. Be even more masculine. We need you to be so bad because we cannot be bad.

MICHAEL WALSH is a worldwide journalist, broadcaster and author of 70 book titles with 37 years experience. Like other journalists of integrity, he no longer writes for corporate media, opting instead for true journalism.

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