Hitler’s Artwork Sold for $450,000 at Nuremberg Auction

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A group of 14 paintings, watercolours, and drawings by the twice elected German chancellor Adolf Hitler went under the hammer at the Weilder auction house in Nuremberg several years ago collectively fetching €400,000 ($450,000).

The most expensive work, which fetched €100,000, went to a buyer from China. The painting is of King Ludwig II Neuschwanstein Castle, which is now a popular tourist attraction. A floral still life sold for €73,000.

The unidentified buyers of the works signed ‘A. Hitler,’ came from all over the world, including Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, France, and Germany.

‘These collectors are not specialists in works by this particular painter but rather have a general interest in high-value art,’ said Kathrin Weidler of the auction house to DPA.

A watercolour from Hitler’s artistic oeuvre, The Old Town Hall (1914-15), was sold at Weilder’s last November for €130,000 ($147,444). A flower painting of his was withdrawn from auction at Nate D. Sanders Fine Autographs and Memorabilia in Los Angeles in March of this year.

Hitler initially wanted to become an artist, and applied to the Vienna Academy of Art but was rejected. As so often, this was only half the story. The ambitious art student had entered work of architectural merit.

For this reason, he was advised to apply instead to an academy better suited to his considerable skills in architectural artworks. He went on to offer and sell his paintings, sketches and drawings reprinted as postcards to the tourist-related buyers.

Aspiring paint and easel dabbler Winston Churchill, whose paintings were so poor they are ignored was insanely jealous of Hitler’s achievements. Churchill, in fact, had words of high praise for Hitler but he sold himself to the highest bidders in London’s pro-war lobby.  

In an Oct 30, 1939, article in Life magazine, Hitler reportedly told a British ambassador at the time, ‘I am an artist and not a politician.’ He continued, ‘One the Polish question is settled, I want to end my life as an artist.’

It is not illegal to sell the Reich leader’s paintings in Germany as long as they do not bear any banned, related symbols. Source

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