Month: April 2021

Europe Awakes as the Sun Rises from the East

For years, conservative NGOs and institutes have been working on establishing a counter-balance to the sinister well-organised Soros network. Central Europe is at the forefront of this movement, Tymotheusz Zych, vice-president of the Polish Ordo Iuris Institute for Legal Culture told news and opinion portal Mandiner in an interview.

Islamic viper bites the hands that feed it

French philosopher and popular news commentator Eric Zemmour says that the left has made an alliance with Islam and their target is White people: The author, polemicist, and anti-liberal philosopher has drawn a parallel between Islamic-leftists and communists, declaring that the former have substituted the bourgeois with White people, whom they would like to see replaced by the Muslim proletariat.

29 State Cops Injured in anti-Regime protests

A string of violent anti-regime protests in Berlin against a parliamentary vote on a bill that will give the Washington DC approved chancellor more powers to toughen coronavirus rules left 29 officers hurt and hundreds of people detained. Berlin police published updated figures from Wednesday’s protests, estimating that […]

The hyped cure is worse than the ailment

While waiting for the final decision on the controversial vaccine, Norway has decided to distribute its stock of AstraZeneca to fellow Nordic countries that actually want to use them ~ despite the associated risks to the unfortunate people who will be obliged to have the risks injected into their bodies.