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Macron did not win an election in four years

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According to the latest BVA poll for RTL and Orange carried out on April 21 and 22, 2021, 61% of people questioned now exclude voting for Emmanuel Macron in the first round of the 2022 presidential election if he stands again, a majority of they consider him ‘a bad president’.

Another poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies reveals an even worse result: only 16% of respondents say they would vote for Emmanuel Macron in the next presidential election.

Of course, elections are not reduced to polls. But they must nevertheless be taken into consideration when they confirm most of the opinion polls since 2018: overall two French people out of three, or even three out of four depending on the questions asked, show their disapproval of the policy conducted or even of the very personality of the President of the Republic.

In other words, the unpopularity of Emmanuel Macron has only been confirmed since 2018. And the president has not succeeded in four years of full power to create an electoral dynamic in his favour: in reality the ‘party’ presidential, tiny and voiceless, has not won a single national election!

Such continuity in mistrust does not bode well for Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign in 2022, or even for his simple candidacy. Especially since the tenant of the Élysée stubbornly continues to taunt the French with his cookie-cutter statements: the most recent, an interview in English with CBS, where, under the pretext of returning to his colonial past, our country should ‘deconstruct its history’.

Man of the System, Emmanuel Macron has nothing but contempt for France and the French people whom he does not know and whom he perceives above all as an obstacle to the implementation of the agenda of which the oligarchy has him.

Like Joe Biden in the United States, Emmanuel Macron is betting on ‘minorities’ and the combined action of employers, the far left, the media and GAFAM to win in 2022. And of course also on the scattering other candidates, especially on the right. And maybe also on some electoral fraud and manipulations.
Unfortunately, such an increasingly visible strategy does not necessarily give the expected result.

First, our fellow citizens increasingly feel the official bias in favour of immigrants, the Muslims, minorities or scum as an unbearable injustice. But, what the Macron gains by responding to the whims of activist minorities, it loses by revolting the majority of the population.

Compare How Macron Looks at the French People

and here

This is because the French people are not His people! His people are Jews, Africans, Muslims and LGBT!

In addition, unlike Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron embodies a record, a particularly heavy liability. In particular in the field of the security of goods and people, which is deteriorating at breakneck speed in France? However, this is a question essential to the civil pact: a State incapable of ensuring order and civil peace simply becomes an illegitimate state.

On the economic and social level, Macron presents an equally bad record: our country becomes the red lantern of the European Union, accumulating bad results, increasingly lagging behind Germany. The management of the Covid epidemic has not convinced our fellow citizens either.

Finally, the Macron presidency is characterised by a catastrophic liberticidal record: state of emergency integrated into common law, permanent extension of the state of health emergency, information censorship under the pretext of fighting against fake news , muzzled parliamentary opposition , strengthening of police powers, fierce repression of the yellow vests movement, agreement with GAFA and YouTube to censor dissidents, general retention of connection data in contravention of European law, judicial harassment of opponents, attacks against freedom of association and freedom of education under the pretext of fighting Islamism, etc.

France has been wearing a mandatory mask since 2020, a France gagged: what a symbol of Macron! One year before the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron is therefore at an impasse.

He has exhausted his political capital and used his word: The Prime Minister makes the French laugh. A presidential speech henceforth inaudible as it deviates from French reality; as when the president says without laughing: ’I am fighting for a right to peaceful life ’, in a country plagued by violence and daily aggressions!

Emmanuel Macron can only hope for re-election if an extraordinary event places him in the position of recourse, in a country in the throes of chaos. Or allowed him to suspend the elections …
A new and timely pandemic? A conflict in Ukraine? A particularly deadly attack? Ethnic riots between the two presidential rounds? A global financial disaster?
In a way, isn’t the chaos that is taking hold in France as a result of government action and especially inaction also part of such a strategy?

Emmanuel Macron has damaged his credibility and his capital of confidence so much that it becomes every day more unlikely that he will appear as a French remedy. The Macronian sleight of hand, opened in 2017 by the coup d’état of the media and the national financial prosecutor’s office, will not be able to last forever. In 2022, it will be necessary for the oligarchy to find a replacement for him or for the French people to regain their freedom and pride and close the Macron parenthesis. ~ Michel Geoffroy, Source

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  1. Western European leaders, as well as American, hate the white people in their nations. Their laws and policies today reflect that. Contrast that with Eastern Europe, with Orban of Hungary or Putin of Russia and others (Poland, Slovenia, Bulgaria, etc), and they care about their people, are reviving the traditions that made them strong as a people, and will actively fight against what the Western powers are trying to do to their nations. Even Russian politicians care more about White Americans than the leaders in my nation do. Not even the Republican ‘conservative’ parties in America care about their white conservative base. They’re always pandering to blacks or mexicans or homosexuals (and anyone else that wouldn’t vote for the GOP)

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