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An explosive book now published for the first time ever exposes the reality behind the West’s alliance with the Soviet Union to overthrow the Rhodesian and South African government. We asked the author why he had published this damning exposé.

There is still considerable confusion over the decolonisation of Africa. The term ‘Majority Rule’ was always an absurdity; this high-minded ideal does not exist anywhere, least of all in post-colonial Africa. British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan’s (1894 ~ 1986) Winds of Change speech simply meant the transfer of Europe’s African colonies to global finance management. It’s the same if you don’t keep up the payments on your mortgage.

Harold Macmillan
Prime Minister 1957 – 1963

Decolonisation of Africa was the Russian Revolution Mk II. The transfer of power was based on the same regime-changing strategy as that applied to Imperial Russia in 1917 ~ 1922. The 1960s hijacking of the world’s second largest continent resulted in similar carnage, anarchy and its ultimate prostration.   

Responsibility for the deaths of millions of Africans can be laid on the doorstep of Wall Street’s banking dynasties. The foot soldiers of the global banking houses included Europe’s politicians and tin pot dictators drawn from the corridors of unelected power in the United Nations. The fraud was carried out by Western political elites who, compromised by fiscal and sexual indiscretions, were blackmailed to do the bidding of the American-based banking dynasties.

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II joins in a toast with President Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, during a banquet in the Queen’s honor in Harare, Zimbabwe on Oct. 10, 1991, during her first visit since 1947. (AP Photo)

During the 1960s the Washington DC controlled NATO West imposed sanctions and blockaded Rhodesia and South Africa whilst the Soviet Union and Communist China funded, trained and armed terrorists. Africa’s Godfathers of Damnation were hyped by Western media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom.

The marketing departments of the banks’ pin-striped Bolsheviks were to be found in Western media, the Church pulpits, the liberal-left caucus and the notorious Anti-Apartheid Movement. All sang to the same Red hymn sheet as they unleashed hell on Africa. Church leaders referred to Soviet-armed African-killing terrorists as Christian soldiers.


Western and Soviet-backed Rhodesian tyrant Robert Mugabe, South African Communist Party card-carrying despot Nelson Mandela, and the deposed fugitive from justice Joshua Nkomo, controlled proxy armies similar to today’s so-called Syrian ‘rebels’. None of them had the power to disrupt a garden party without the backing of the banking dynasties and Europe’s corrupt politicians and on-message sycophantic media.

African despots today sit and smirk in grand mansions built by European colonialists. These dark-skinned bankers’ tenants now manage the banks’ real estate. Their enslaved populations today fare much worse than they did when managed by European colonists. The millions of Africans who died and still perish are victims not of White supremacy but of the bankers’ bloodletting. In Black South Africa hundreds of thousands of impoverished ethnic Europeans and African natives eke out a miserable existence and face a hopeless future. Impoverished ethnic Europeans barely survive in nearly 600 shanty towns. The handover is completed; there isn’t a BBC, CNN, FOX or ITV camera team anywhere to be seen.

The same ‘winds of change’ now sweep across Europe. The same dark forces today inflict on ethnic-Europe a bloodbath of epic proportions. This, if successful, will transfer total control of Europe to the same global banking houses; Africa yesterday Europe today and Russia tomorrow. ~ Michael Walsh.

Rhodesia’s Death Europe’s Funeral: European to Wall Street Colonialism by Michael Walsh


A LEOPARD IN LIVERPOOL Vigilante Thriller (Paperback / Ebook); THE LAST GLADIATORS Fiancés of Death (Paperback / Ebook); AFRICA’S KILLING FIELDS: African Victims of the Liberal-Left (Paperback / Ebook); RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL European to Wall Street Colonialism (Paperback / Ebook); The Stigma Enigma (Paperback / Ebook).

African odyssey is the author’s collection of four books based on his first-hand experiences. Michael Walsh lived, worked and socialised in most of Africa’s nations from Cape Town to Tripoli, Lagos to Zanzibar on the Indian Ocean.

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