Who Really Destroyed one of Christendom’s Great Cities

Europe Renaissance

WORLD EXCLUSIVE:For several centuries, Khreshchatyk, the Central Boulevard and main square of Kyiv (Kiev), capital city of Ukraine was considered the heart of Kyiv. During World War II, this magnificent boulevard equal to similar in Paris, and the streets adjacent to it was completely destroyed, yet few people know about the devastation.

Khreshchatyk. The Germans have occupied the city. September 21, 1941.

But that the destruction of one of Europe’s oldest and most beautiful metropolis was not carried out by German armed forces but by the Soviet Union’s NKVD units. This is known only to a small circle of historians. A few state-sponsored journalists spun the story the Soviet way. The documents on the destruction of Kyiv remain closed and are unlikely to come into being in the near future. 

In the middle of July 1941, the political leadership of the USSR rightly assumed that the Red Army would…

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