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Breaking News from the Absurdistan of Scandinavia

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Ethnic Europeans wishing to relocate to neighbouring EU countries face such formidable bureaucratic challenges that few attempts to do so. Spain, for instance, once second home for as many as 3 million Brits, is scheduled to lose them all because of resident restrictions ~ on Whites.

Meanwhile, non-Europeans slated for deportation from the Scandinavian state of Absurdistan, including criminal aliens, make use of a loophole in which taking the COVID test, which is demanded by the host country, is voluntary.

Expulsions of rejected immigrants and criminal aliens in Sweden have nearly come to a halt due to the current COVID-19 routines. A deportee’s refusal to take a test throws a wrench into the system.

According to the Swedish cops national operational department, NOA, about nine in of ten deportees refuse to be tested for COVID-19 and are able to stop their own deportation.

The background is that most receiver countries including the migrants own countries require a negative PCR test for entry. According to Swedish law, the test is voluntary and cannot be enforced.

Those who have been in custody long enough must eventually be released if they continue to refuse to get tested, Mikael Holmgren, acting head of the Border Police Section in Region West chortled earlier in May. Then they can simply ‘disappear’, which includes migrants who have committed serious crimes such as murder and rape.

Given the dead-end situation, the liberal-conservative Moderate Party now wants to change the law so that people slated for deportation can be forcibly tested.

‘We risk losing control of who gets to stay in the country. It is also clear that we risk eroding people’s trust,’ the party’s immigration spokesperson Maria Malmer Stenergard told the media.

However, Justice Minister Morgan Johansson of the left-liberal Social Democrats called compulsory testing earlier in May a ‘very far-reaching measure’ which he is ‘not prepared to consider’. Source

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