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The Cruel Sinking of the Liners Built for Joy

Europe Renaissance

75 years ago, on January 30, 1945, in the Danzig Gulf of the Baltic Sea, the Soviet submarine S-13 under the command of Captain 3rd RankAlexander Marineskosank the German transport Wilhelm Gustloff.

Together with the giant ship, according to various estimates, from 6,000 to 10,000 people went to the bottom (according to the latest German studies – 9343 people). This made the sinking of Wilhelm Gustloff the largest maritime disaster of the 20th century.For comparison, the maximum estimate of the death toll on the Titanic is 1,635 people.But the sinking of the German ship went down in history not only by the number of victims.It was not an ordinary, albeit very large, transport.Wilhelm Gustloff was one of the symbols of the Third Reich.In Germany, it was called ‘The Sun Ship’.

The pride of the cruise fleet in Germany is the liner “Wilhelm Gustloff”
German postcard from the collection of P…

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