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Europe taken over by some sort of ideological madness

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The support of foreign diplomats for the recent Warsaw Pride Parade is another example of the world going mad, says Law and Justice (PiS) MEP and professor Ryszard Legutko. Legutko was speaking in context of the participation of foreign diplomats taking part in last week’s Pride Parade in Warsaw in an interview for portal Niezależna.

‘It has become a permanent practice for some time. I treat this, first of all, as a violation of rules of diplomacy as foreign diplomats should not engage in any political activity in the country they are residing. This is written into the international convention, which has been in place for many years,’ he said.

Legutko pointed out that pride parades in Poland have strong anti-government and anti-Polish sentiments and also include attacks on Catholic identity. By participating in such events, diplomats are supporting those actions and taking a clear political stance against Poland’s government.

He emphasised that the ambassadors who participated in the Warsaw Pride Parade should be reprimanded by the Polish foreign minister.

‘The world has gone insane. Many people, representing a huge part of the world and Western civilization, have been taken over by some sort of ideological madness which is also a destructive madness.’

‘The longer we pretend that nothing is happening, the more brutal they will become. We unfortunately have experience in Poland with ambassadors who ran rampant in Warsaw and decided what was right and what was wrong. It happened in the 18th century and during the communist era. It is also partially happening today,’ he warned.

The professor raised the question of why the homosexual and LGBT lobby is so powerful. It is supported by basically every major institution despite this breaking long established laws and violating customs.

‘They are supported by every institution: the EU, the Council of Europe, the UN, all the largest corporations and states. Meanwhile, those who support LGBT claim that we are dealing with some sort of oppressed group,’ he stated.

Legutko noted that if a tiny fraction of what goes to support LGBT persons went to supporting Christians, who are the most oppressed religious group in the world, then many Christians would have been saved. Legutko’s claims about Christian persecution are largely accurate

The professor explained that once the fundamental role of marriage as a union between man and woman is undermined, then the entire fight will be lost. Society will not be able to reproduce, maintain itself or function in a stable manner.

Professor Ryszard Legutko, a PiS MEP, believes that the ambassadors who participated in the Warsaw’s Pride Parade should be reprimanded by the Polish foreign minister.

Legutko sees the roots of the strength of the gay lobby in the 1968 sexual revolution, which had overthrown the moral foundations of a properly functioning society as well as male and female relationships and introduced a leftist ideology. He warned that society is no longer dealing with the hippies of the 1960s but with grim bureaucratic, political-ideological structures which are destroying social order.

‘I wonder why there was such weak opposition to this. Probably because 1968 led to the breaking away from European tradition. This is why the world became more secular and moved away from classic culture. As a result, we have become a barbaric society which is unfathomably subjected to bureaucratic-ideological structures,’ he said.

Legutko emphasised that despite possessing the most incredible technologies in the world, Western Europe is intellectually, spiritually and mentally defenceless.

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  1. I’m surprised the Poles even allowed A pride parade to go on in their country. They are one of the last bastions of Christianity in Europe along with Hungary. They could always kick the foreign diplomats out of the country and ask for replacements who respect Polish concern?

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  2. I am unpleasantly shocked too that Poland is allowing this. Don’t they see the dangers of allowing just ONE form of libearlism become normalized? If you allow homosexual parades, then you’ll allow transgenderism, then gay adoption, then abortion,etc. Then after your people become socially liberal and weak, then they flood your nation with invaders and you won’t have the traditional backbone to fight back anymore.

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