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Everywhere, is death, madness, chaos according to media

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Everywhere, is death, madness, chaos according to media.

Most are aware of the non-stop mainstream media’s hysteria over the Covid and variants pandemic in India. However, when one takes even a brief glance at perspectives the media complicity in mainstream media fear-mongering that can only benefit their big pharmaceutical sponsor is clearly evident.

Yesterday’s data: India population-1.3 billion and the death toll that is dominating the West’s headlines, television and radio newsrooms is that 400,000 have so far died.

Bear in mind that those who do die are not necessarily victims of the Covid virus or its variants. Tests are notoriously flawed, the circumstances of many deaths in India are far from being an exact science. In most places the healthcare service in India is non-existent.

Back to basic information. The figure of 400,000 represents just 0.03% of the cases reported. For another comparison the world population is 7.9 billion. Of these, the hysterical headlines, without publishing proportion ratings, screams that 4 million have died. With unchallenged certainty, the claim is that every one of these victims of their reported suspected cases has died of Covid or its variants.

Fact, that anyone with a handheld $5 calculator can work out for themselves reveals hat, gasp-horror, 0.05% died of this heavy cold.

Around the breaking stories about the Covid holocaust in India the ma instream media in open collaboration with Big Pharma paint an apocalyptic picture. One national newspaper carried the headlines, ‘Everywhere, is death, madness, chaos.’

Apparently, it was politically necessary to launch an Indian strain in the minds of the dumb proles, which is scarier than the now much derided previous one.

People in the world were again fired into fear and now a new wave of vaccinations and restrictions begins. In fact, India has a chance to die from this disease that is two-times less than the world average.

For 1.5 years the peoples of most developed nations have been shepherded in the direction the globalists want by enduring and bearing the dreadful consequences ~ and death from other causes by scores of similar examples of deceit / manipulation / oddities, and according to all parameters.

(L-R: Indian PM Narendra Modi, ex-British PM Tony Blair, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, US Secretary of Defence Robert Gates, ex-Australian PM John Howard and former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger)

But most people have no desire or time to think about what will possibly change their life, health, destiny. It seems that everything that happens is really a certain test of reason, for each individual, and for all humanity in general.

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