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Experts have already pointed out that the rainfall disasters affecting western Germany and parts of Europe are a consequence of political mismanagement not climate change. However, the politicians who invest in climate control related corporations were quick as lightning to sniff another opportunity to blame climate change to soak the poor for the benefit of the rich.

 Mid-July a colossal amount of rainfall fell in the western lands of Germany, 150 litres per square meter in very short periods of time were experienced. As a result, rivers in the regions of North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate overflowed their banks and flooded towns and villages in the Rhine mountains. Whole areas abandoned by their inept political class are left without electricity, the gas supply system has been destroyed. 

According to various estimates, about 1,500 people are missing, and more than 130 died. There has never been anything like this in the history of modern Germany.

The story reveals how the elements are wiping out idyllic villages in West Germany, the Germans are trying to cope with the flood as quickly as possible, and politicians are teaching each other in absentia how to respond to an emergency before the September elections will swill the ruling elite away from the pig swills of taxpayer’s hard-earned largesse.

The Erft River, a tributary of the Eiffel, overflowed its banks and literally washed away residential buildings. The county government is publishing drone images showing a giant crater formed by landslides. The historic castle in the city was also damaged. Emergency services are working to their limit, but they are hampered by gas leaks. Individual settlements in the Rhine-Erft went underwater within a few minutes, and the authorities failed to warn residents about the impending disaster. As a result, 90 people died in the Rhineland, 43 in the North Rhine, and hundreds were injured.

Why did Erftstadt take the brunt of the brunt? This is due to the sandy gravel pit in the north of the Blessem region, says specialist Mathias Habel. ‘Everything that happens is relatively logical and would be predictable,’ he says.

A small artificial river Erft has overflowed its banks in the south of the city and moves through the streets to a manmade gravel pit, the deepest point on the county map. As a result, a waterfall is formed, which widens the hole with each tributary.

EFAS hydrologist Hannah Cloak comments Politico called the actions of the German authorities during the emergency ‘a monumental systemic error.’ ‘With early warning, huge casualties could have been prevented, she said. The problem of the FRG authorities here may lie in the transfer of powers from the federal authorities to the local authorities in literally everything.

The German meteorological service DWD sent an EFAS alert to the authorities of the western lands, which were supposed to organize the evacuation. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer that the disaster was ‘a consequence of climate change.’

Experts disagree with Seehofer 100%. According to a researcher from the University of Graz Douglas Maraun, rainfall did increase due to global warming by 10-20%, but there are many more reasons for such floods.

In rural areas of the Rhine regions, several factors converged: the location of the rivers, the difference between mountainous areas and lowlands, and soil compaction. Since 1992, the proportion of German territory with water repellent artificial turf has increased by 20%. Many of the arable land in these areas is also regularly cultivated with heavy agricultural machinery, resulting in difficult water drainage and soil erosion.

Eco activists consider the actions of the authorities in this situation inadequate. The Fridays for Future movement announced protests in 40 cities in Germany amid the disaster to protest at the inept authorities. ‘The scale of the destruction is speechless,’ activist Louise Neubauer tweeted. ‘This disaster must have political consequences.’

Angela Merkel was meeting her nation’s occupiers in the United States when the disaster was approaching Germany. She chose not to cut her visit short and return from the meeting with Joe Biden but she did delivered a message to the people.

‘These are terrible days for people in flooded areas. In my mind, I am with them.’ CORRECTION: She was not. She was taking the knee in the Oval Room in the White House.

As the flooding subsides the tide of public anger rises. The catastrophe that wasn’t averted is entirely the failing of the ineptness of the politicians.

Many correspondents were quick to note that the increasingly unpopular political elite was quick to blame climate change. Another opportunity for them to soak up the profits from investments in the climate change industries as the coffins of their victims are washed down swollen rivers. Source

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  1. I am devastated by these scenes from Germany.

    I am 99.999999% sure this was brought about by the usual suspects with all their geo-engineering weapons. Chemtrails and HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) and other energy weapons.

    They told us decades ago that “global warming” would bring on more extreme weather more frequently. How did they know this? Because it was a foretelling of what they were planning TO DO TO US, rather than a prophecy from smart scientists who predict the natural consequences of a changing climate due to CO2 from cow burps (and cars, etc), the very CO2 which actually feeds the plants.

    THEY ARE THE WEATHER MAKERS!!! And now they will REALLY trot out their climate change agenda. That is one of their tools to bring on the “Great Reset” ie full-blown communism.

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