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The strategy is to wake up. The sleepers need to wake up

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OVER 600 ARRESTED IN BERLIN by Anti-Repression citizens. Berlin witnessed chaotic scenes and violent brawls on Sunday as State Police, notorious for protecting the political elite, fought viciously to forcefully disperse anti-lockdown rallies that had been banned by authorities, after thousands took to the streets of the German capital.

In confrontations on a scale that one normally sees in pitched battles between the Left and Right on this and similar occasions it was State Police vs. The Right. VIDEO

Coronavirus sceptics once again gathered in the centre of the German capital despite the fact that the German authorities had banned as many as 16 protests by opponents of Covid-19 restrictions.

For the benefit of those glued to state Press and broadcasting services State Police ludicrously claimed that only 5,000 people on Sunday joined several spontaneous demonstrations in various parts of the city. Earlier, the organisers of just one such demonstration, which was eventually banned, said that it might be attended by as many as 22,000 people. Those attending in fact ~ as can clearly be seen in footage posted on The People’s Media (Social Media) far exceeded expectations.

The rally participants were beating drums and chanting slogans such as ’Peace, freedom, no dictatorship!’ and ’We demand the unrestricted restoration of the right to demonstrate.’

In many cases, the unauthorized processions quickly descended into violence as police in full riot gear attempted to forcefully block the massive waves of activists from marching along the city streets. Some 600 people have been arrested, according to a police spokesman citing preliminary data.

‘The strategy is to wake up. The sleepers need to wake up. We are losing our freedom. We just run,’ one protester told the German Die Welt daily. Most participants were not wearing face masks and were ignoring the social-distancing rules that are still in place in Germany.

The marching crowds broke through the chains of police on several occasions, prompting the State Police to attack protestors arresting young and old at random. State cops are videoed and photographed brutally grabbing some protesters and throwing them to the ground. On several occasions, the STASI ran to chase people through the streets.

Videos published by RT’s video agency Ruptly as well as footage that has surfaced on social media showed police officers sometimes engaging in brutal fistfights with demonstrators, as well as punching them in the gut and kicking them. On one such occasion, the officers clashed with a group of elderly women.

Another video showed a police officer hitting a teenage boy in the face as he was lying on the ground.

In the city’s west, a group of protesters ’tried to break the police chain and pull colleagues out,’ the Berlin police said on Twitter, adding that ‘irritants (pepper sprays), batons and physical violence were used.’ 

The STASI also made numerous arrests as the police tried to filter out’ suspected ringleaders’ of the protest. There have been no reports about any demonstrators or police officers seriously injured in the scuffles.

On many occasions, police were greatly outnumbered by the demonstrators. The officers were virtually unable to stop the dense crowds despite attempts to push people back. Sometimes, such attempts quickly spiralled into intense clashes between law-enforcement officers and protesters.

Berlin’s police spokeswoman, however, without blinking an eye brazenly told German media’s sheep-like viewers and readers that violence was used only in individual cases. Some 2,250 police officers were deployed to the city’s streets as helicopters were hovering over the city. Water cannon were used in several places in Berlin, according to German media.

Various anti-lockdown and anti-vaccination movements, commonly referred to as ‘lateral thinkers,’ (querdenken) in Germany have been active there throughout the pandemic. They demand an end to the restrictions imposed by the government to combat the virus and believe that vaccination like BDSM is a matter of choice.

Their protests are usually banned by authorities, who point to the fact that such demonstrators refuse to abide by the existing rules for demonstrations. The latest unauthorised protests sparked an angry reaction from Wolfgang Schaeuble, president of the German parliament’s Lower House, the Bundestag.

‘If almost all experts around the world say that [Covid-19] is dangerous and vaccination helps, then who actually has the right to say: But I am smarter? For me that is an almost unbearable degree of arrogance,’ Schaeuble told German newspaper NOZ. ‘Please take a look at the scientific findings, don’t let cheap slogans fool you!’ he added. Think your friends would be interested? Share this story!

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  1. maybe this is me thinking like a “gung ho” American, but I’m surprised with these large crowds fighting authority figures that none of the crowd people take a distracted officer’s weapon off their holster when they’re busy attacking/restraining another protestor.

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  2. Yes, I agree with “EEL”. I watched quite a few videos of the scenes in Berlin, and I kept on thinking: okay, go! fight back! Especially aggravating to me was the scene of a couple of police dragging a woman past a crowd of onlookers sitting at their patio tables, saying “hey…!” but not getting up and rescuing the woman. Instead, they all grab their cell-phones to film it, or they just gawk. The onlookers were many, and the police were few. The people have mostly become docile cowards!

    It could very well be that in addition to the decades of indoctrination and programming, they are also spraying chemicals (in the chemtrails) which cause the people to become docile. I am quite sure they are spraying us with substances that can affect our emotions and our mood and our drive. I don’t know for sure, but it seems like a possibility. Those chemtrails do more than “just” geo-engineer the weather.

    Anybody who still does not recognize that war is being waged against us the people by the governments and all their state apparatus, anybody who actually thinks they are doing all this “to keep us safe and healthy”, well I just don’t know what to say about that… How intense can the cognitive dissonance get before something cracks in their heads?

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  3. Well said, Monika! Have you also noticed that the cops/police in Europe and America use heavy handed tactics against whites, against conservatives/nationalists/patriots, yet when it comes to leftists/nonwhites/muslims even OUR OWN WHITE COPS will protect them and use kid gloves on them. You’re also right that our men have gotten weak. During the old days when nonwhites harmed whites (raped our women, harmed our people, etc), white men would storm into the nonwhite area/Indian reservation and unleash total warfare on them. For example,that’s what the 1921 Tulsa “Massacre” was about. A black man, named Dick Rowland, raped a white girl (Sara Page). White men went outside the courthouse to protest the black man for raping a white girl, and black men showed up outside the courthouse to defend their own black criminal. The black men came there in 1921 WITH GUNS and shot and killed ten whites. In reponse, white men there went into “Black Wall Street” and unleashed total war on them, but the media today is trying to make whites today feel bad for our great/great grandfathers fighting back then.

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