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Mainstream Left-Wing Hacks vent their fury at White mother of 14 beautiful children

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Let us imagine that this White mother, a native of her British homeland had instead been a Black woman. Make no mistake about it, Black single mothers with more than 14 kids born of multiple fathers are commonplace in diversity Britain. Would the gutter press be venting their fury on the black mother’s profundity? British journalism, a media notorious for promoting mixed-race articles and advertisements don’t think that it is Right to be White.

The Daily Mail rants: Squeezed into a four-bedroom council house in Guernsey lives a woman branded (by corporate media) the UK’s most prolific single mother. Joanne Watson, 40, has 14 children, ranging in age from three to 22 and survives largely on state benefits after the breakdown of her marriage in 2010.

Quality time: Joanne relaxes with her 14 children in the garden outside their family home

Once celebrated in endless articles in the press for her family of immaculately turned-out blonde children, who were then supported entirely by the salary of her hardworking husband John, Joanne Watson, and her family have now become figures of ridicule and even hate because of the White hating media’s vendetta against the mum.

The family’s bubble was burst four years ago when an accident meant John, 46, had to give up work as a lorry driver. The financial pressure of caring for his 14 children meant John made a decision he will forever regret. As his health improved and with bills mounting, John claimed benefits while simultaneously taking some earnings.

Supplies, supplies: Joanne at home with her weekly shopping

He was caught, and the man who for two decades had been seen as the model father was sent to prison. The couple, who Joanne says had been arguing for years, separated and divorced.

I feel pretty sore about what went on,’ John says now. ‘I’ve been married 20 years and been a good father. I’ve worked hard. Nobody can say I haven’t, because I have.’

‘I did get done for benefit fraud,’ John admits.’ But I paid my punishment, I went to prison and I paid all the money back.’

Joanne leaps to her ex-husband’s defence. ‘He wasn’t doing it to go on holidays and buy mobile phones,’ Jo says. ‘He was doing it to support us.’

The publicity the case attracted has made life, one that was already played out in the public eye, yet more difficult for the Watson children. Georgia, 15, says her regular denigration by media journalists makes life at her school in St Martins very difficult.

‘When we’re in the papers, everyone talks about it at school the next day,’ she says. ‘Last time I was in the paper everyone was discussing it. People were leaving messages on my Facebook page. There were over 100 comments and not one of them good (mind poisoned by media anti-White haters).

Anti-White media hacks turn Whites against White: ‘A boy at school the next day saw me and said, ‘Oy, what’s a Watson doing here?’ I said I’d been here all along but he said I shouldn’t be there because there were too many of us.

‘We’re only a family. We’re like everyone else,’ she adds.

Squeezed on the sofa : Joanne Watson with the 11 children who still live at the family home

But Georgia is not entirely like everyone else. She is a sweet, calm girl with an outlook that is mature beyond her years. She helps tirelessly at home: planning school uniforms and packed lunches for the rest of the children, bathing her three-year-old sister, and putting her to bed. While her home life is no doubt happy and full of love, she has, perhaps, missed out on some of the carefree moments that children in smaller families take for granted.


  • Natasha, 22
  • Bradley, 21
  • Shanice, 19
  • Mariah, 16
  • Georgia, 15
  • Caitlin, 12
  • Brittany, 11
  • Febrianne, 10
  • Charlie, nine
  • Lilly-Arna, eight
  • Nerilly-Jade, seven
  • Armani, five
  • Tallulah, four
  • Indianna, three

Son Bradley, a professional boxer, says the taunts are never-ending. ‘If your name is Watson, it doesn’t go down too well,’ 21-year-old Bradley says evenly. ‘They never say anything to my face, but your ears are always burning. I don’t like it, but what can you do about it?’

But while the children of the household struggle with life under the microscope, Jo is defiant about the media incited public’s reaction to her and her brood. ‘When I was in town this week, a woman looked at me and said, ‘Oh look, it’s the baby-making machine.’ I just glared at her,’ Jo adds. ‘Sod them all,’ she says. ‘This is the way I am.’

The Daily Mail snarls: ‘Despite Jo’s ability to rise above the attention though, it’s clear (to leftist pro-abortion hate scribblers) that her children despair of their mother’s continual procreation, and of their own cramped (if always neat and tidy) quarters.

Michael Walsh, who in 1979 was handed down 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing Whites First and Stop Immigration flyers is outraged: ‘Soon, these 14 children will be employed. Just as I and millions of other White Britons were, half our earning went directly or indirectly to taxes, which goes towards paying pensions and healthcare. Let us see what 14 media-promoted migrants pay into the system.’

With 11 children still living at home, getting ready for school is a military-style operation, with little uniformed bodies filing out of the front door in a seemingly endless line. Packed lunches are a production line involving bags of fruit and dozens of sandwiches. There are mountains of washing to be done daily, 56 loads a month, to be precise.

Joanne pays only £27 a week rent for the house, a heavily subsidised fraction of the normal cost receives a total of £160 a week in family allowance for the 11 children still living at home, and another £405 a week in supplementary benefit. But money is still tight, and a budget must be adhered to.

And since her marriage broke down, with a little help from her children, Jo has to do it all herself. But despite the workload, Joanne believes firmly that ending her crumbling marriage was the right thing to do. But Joanne, who once enjoyed the fame and notoriety her large family brought her, now insists she regrets their infamy. ‘I don’t want anyone coming to our house looking for a dirty story,’ says Joanne. I wish they would just leave us alone.’

Interestingly, if Joanne was a Russian or Hungarian, a Pole of Czech the lovely mum of so many future taxpayers would be celebrating her motherhood and trying to keep her family together. But things are different in the White hating mainstream media. Their preferred option to a declining birth rate is not to have more White children; to abort White children and import Third World migrants.

TIP: Never again purchase a British newspaper, which isn’t British-owned anyway. And never ever purchase a product or service advertised in mainstream media.

The SUN newspaper has been boycotted in Liverpool, Wirral, Merseyside since 1989 for infamously demonising Liverpool people. Boycott all mainstream media; bankrupt the haters.

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