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Churches set ablaze in reaction to Catholic Priest abuse but should innocent descendants pay

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The ideology of the “brave new world” does not include the more than 2,000 years of religious, cultural, and moral attachment that unites families, respects traditions, and provides moral guidance in everyday life.

The pogrom against churches in Canada has reached a new level in recent weeks. Dozens of churches have been set on fire or damaged, including in midwestern Alberta, where at least ten churches have fallen victim to vandalism. A simple explanation would be that the Black Lives Matter and other extremist organizations’ ‘cancel culture’ ideology has spilt over from the neighbouring United States.

But there is more to it than that, though there is no doubt that the campaign of hatred against religion cannot be dissociated from the social transformation processes of the great brother to the South. All this is closely related to the fact that with the reign of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the world of wild liberalism has almost completely engulfed the country, with all its negative consequences.

The immediate trigger for the current campaign to set fire to churches was that more mass graves have been found in Canada recently. The approximately 3,000 deceased were all children, and all belonged to native tribes. A common feature of the horror is that the mass graves were found next to so-called boarding schools, which were in fact child prisons.

Schools were the main executors of the forced assimilation program of the indigenous population and were established in the late 19th century. The official goal was to ‘civilize’ the children. In practice, the authorities solved this by forcibly removing indigenous children from their families and placing them hundreds of kilometres from their original place of residence in a ‘boarding school’ (institution) where conditions were appalling and beatings, incarceration, etc. were on the agenda. The last such school was closed in 1996.

After the excavation of the present mass graves, instead of actual confrontation with the truth, things began to be blurred, events renamed, because the human remains in the mounds are mentioned as unmarked graves in official documents, thus giving the mass graves a bureaucratic appearance. Tempers soared, which also resulted in the burning of the temples. However, it would be a very hasty and irresponsible claim to blame native Canadians.

Since the vast majority of boarding schools belonged to the Catholic Church, anger was also directed primarily against them. It is at this point that the theory of identity imported from the United States gets involved, as it classifies a White man as a criminal. Since the perpetrators of those child deaths are already dead, extremist movements are extending responsibility to their descendants, which in this case is embodied in the arson of Catholic churches, taking revenge on those who have nothing to do with child abuse.

This anti-Christianity then came in handy for the liberal mainstream Trudeau government, which has so far done little to defend Christian values. So far there has been no arrest and there are no suspects for the arson of the temples, only a token official expression of ‘regret’.

Title image: Church fire in Canada. (Youtube video capture)

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  1. Dear Mike, there is much that has been distorted in the mass media stories about these so-called “mass graves”.

    First, there is the timing of these news stories, which made it sound like graves were “just discovered”. Not true. Grave sites have not just been discovered. These grave sites have been known about for many years.

    Second, the term “mass grave” is wrong. It started with ground penetrating radar images which were translated by the MSM as “mass graves”. They even went so far as to report that some of the bones were from children as young as 3 years of age. No children that young went to residential schools. Many of these “unmarked graves” were community cemeteries, where all races and ages were buried. None of them are “mass graves”. That term conjures images of big holes into which heaps of dead bodies were bull-dozed.

    Ground penetrating radar gives vague information, which would have to be followed up by actual digging. I do not believe that that has happened anytime recently.

    There was a case of a Saskatchewan (or Manitoba?) Elder who responded to these stories by saying that they knew of every one of the graves in her location, and that in the 1960’s they were refurbishing the graveyard because most of the headstones or wooden crosses had fallen down and could not be recognized anymore. The families of the deceased would have been responsible for putting new crosses or stones up, but none of them did, so the graves remained “unmarked”. That is a natural thing that happens over time anywhere, as families move away, or simply lose interest in older graves. That is just one example.

    This story has been brought to the world by the MSM just at the same time as Bill C15 makes its way into law in Canada. That is connected to UNDRIP – United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Bill C15 is a giant land grab. Any land that has been “traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used” by Native people will go back to them. For years now, any public meeting has been begun with “we acknowledge that we are on UNCEDED territory of the ___ Nation (fill in the blank with the particular Indian Nation who might have been there at some time in the past). When push comes to shove, they will use those public declarations as evidence that our land does not belong to us. Doesn’t matter how many generations of your white ancestors have farmed there or built roads, schools, infrastructure or whatever. In British Columbia, they say that 95% of the land is on unceded territory.

    There is so much more to this story than meets the eye. It is Canada’s BLM story, similar only different.

    We are supposed to feel very guilty for what has happened to the Native people, and we are never allowed to hear about any good stories, only bad whitey bad whitey. Yes some bad things happened, no doubt about that. But let us not forget who the perpetrators were of some of those bad things. Like the Queen of England and Prince Philip who came over in 1964 and took 11 children on a picnic in Kamloops British Columbia and those children disappeared. Or about the RCMP murders of indigenous women along the Highway of Tears. And then there is the Piggy Palace, Willy Picton’s pig farm where all kinds of corruption occurred.

    And if a Native EVER spoke about a good experience in one of those residential schools, they were immediately silenced. We are not allowed to know about that, ever.

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    • Thank you, Monika…. very enlightening. I had a gut feeling that this was a heavily politicised tract but took the chance. Your response is a breath of fresh air and illuminating. In Ireland ~ post-independence, things were far worse but it is off the radar. I ghosted a book by Mickey Finn (not his real name) titled Still Running. As a 13-year old Dublin child, he was sentenced to 4 years confinement in an ‘Industrial School’. These were prisons for children run by priests who were not at all monitored or afterwards brought to account. The depravities inflicted upon these young boys were such that as I made my way through the bio, I broke into tears and on many occasions I had to get up and walk away just to compose myself. One school had a graveyard of unmarked graves of ‘children who had run away.’ But, that is Ireland and similar happened and still happens in the UK.

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  2. Excellent points Monika! Of course, our friends in the Media never let a good story go to waste, even if it isn’t true. And, let us never forget what Alexander Solzhenitsyn said ‘The Media is in the hands of the perpetrators.’

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