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First, they came for the Writers and the Whistle-blowers

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SAMIZDAT REPORT: Political cult hyper-sensitivity is spreading throughout the former Soviet Bloc Baltic States and the EU states. August 3, two prominent investigators were simultaneously raided and searched by the Latvian State Police investigative journalist Lato Lapsa and political strategist Jurgis Liepnieks spoke about what happened. In the case of the former through his still functioning Facebook profile.

From Lapsa’s own story, he clearly regards the raid as a reprisal by the head of the Latvian state, President Egils Levits. Levits is a German Jew who was parachuted into the high position on the usual gambit ‘presidents are selected not elected’.

It is thought the police raid is intended to intimidate and stop Lato Lapsa from further publishing the books.

‘Egils Levits, detention and his police searches will not help. The completion and publication of the books Valstgribis (Power Hungry) and Nāve (Death) and Bailes 4 (Fear 4) will not stop exposure of the Deep State.

The whistle-blower says ‘Yesterday, law enforcement officers detained me for several hours, conducted searches in my car and at my place of residence. I was forced to sign that I would not disclose information about another criminal case, in which all this happened. As a law-abiding citizen, I will fulfil this obligation, which does not allow me to reveal to the public the full picture of what happened.’

Ominously, he adds that ‘this will not prevent me from expressing my opinion on this matter.’

According to Lapsa, this is the detention and the criminal case against him is fictitious, as well as the criminal libel case against Romuald Vonsovich, which has already reached the court. Lapsa is accused of libel for calling the hero of his book a collaborator of the occupation (Soviet regime) are links of the same chain. As well as the numerous warnings and advice he received over the past few months.

‘I believe that all these actions are inspired and carried out at the request of the current president of Latvia, Egils Levits, and persons associated with him on direct and clear instructions.’

Lapsa writes that for several months already unrelated sources clandestinely revealed that the president and those associated with him demand from law enforcement agencies by any means to obtain any possible information about him and his family members. And to make their life as difficult as possible, so that Lato Lapsa abandoned the idea and further exploration of the dark and hidden side of the biography of the Latvian head of state.

Egils Levits says the facts of his biography in the book Viltvārdis (The Pretender), he is not going to challenge in court. This led Lapsa to a clear answer that the current president decided to go the other way and deal with unpleasant exposure of his clandestine information for him in a different way.

‘I believe that yesterday’s events confirm the authenticity of this version and that the current president of the country has chosen criminal methods to prevent its publication,’ the author concludes. 

According to the investigator likened to Julius Assange and ‘The West’s Solzhenitsyn’, he is sure that the main purpose of the searches was to gain access to the contents of his computer in order for Levits to acquaint himself with the contents of the future books.

Lato Lapsa reassures his readers in and outside his homeland that both books will be published and read, no matter what. Moreover, the journalist reports that the person who writes under the secret name Indrikis Latvietis has not been searched, and he continues to work on his manuscript.

‘Whether this book (Valstsgribis) will put an end to the political career of the so-called ‘president of the whole people’ with their accomplices we will see. They try to stop exposure the book but it will be published in conventional bookstores and through e-book trading platforms, as well as on the pages of the still free media,’ says the hounded whistle-blowing journalist.

The searches of the well-known journalist caused a furore and Latvian journalist and politician Andrei Mamykin wished his colleague endurance.

Law enforcement agencies have not yet commented on the searches at Lato Lapsa and Jurgis Liepnieks. However, in the official press releases of the State Revenue Service (SRS / VID) on August 11, a small note appeared about the investigation of a criminal case of suspicious transactions between a legal entity and an individual.

The SRS also reports that during the investigation four people were detained, and the investigation of the case is being supervised by the prosecutor’s office. But in the interests of the investigation, more detailed information on the case will not be provided yet. Source

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    • Their books will soon be available but in the Latvian language to begin with. Assange and others have tried it and been tried for standing up to their government.

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  1. Thanks Mike for what you do to inform the public .I drop some currency from time to time to web site of value,of which you certainly are one of them ,but the currency is limited as the truthful sites are becoming more available and good to see ,but thank you again for what you do with my best regards.

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