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Jewish Actress Turned Down for Pride and Prejudice Because No One In Jane Austin’s England Looked Like Her

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Successful Jewish ‘British’ actress Tracy-Ann Oberman talked about facing alleged antisemitism in the Jewish-controlled entertainment industry during a recent interview with British media.

Oberman, 54, was raised in a Jewish home in Stanmore, north London. She said she knew from a young age that she wanted to be an actress. Oberman says, ‘Contemporaries of mine, like Rebecca Front and Samantha Spiro, we were all pretty much told, ‘Try and keep your Jewish heritage out of the way because casting directors will see you differently.’

She also said that at her 1995 audition for the BBC production of Pride and Prejudice, which ultimately starred Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle, she remembers being told, ‘That was a lovely reading, but nobody looked like you during Jane Austen’s times.’

Oberman contemplated changing her last name to Denham or Smith but ‘then I just thought, ‘Oh, f*** it’, which I think has kind of been me all the way along, which is, this is what I am, take it or leave it.’

Watching actor friends embrace their heritage also changed her perspective on the matter, she told the publication: ‘It made me suddenly feel that it was okay to be Jewish, but it wasn’t my defining characteristic as an actress.’

In 2019, Oberman and Rachel Riley, the Jewish host of the British television show Countdown, were prepared to take legal action regarding the verbal abuse they received on Twitter for criticizing antisemitism in the Labour party, which Oberman left in 2016.

Ironically, many of the casting directors who screen the actors for productions are Jewish, as are many of the producers, and it is those Jewish producers who, more often than not, turn down Jewish actors and actresses for being ‘too Jewish’ looking.

It’s astounding how Jews like Oberman lack any self-awareness, they actually think that they are more English than the English and more French than the French, as if it’s something you can merely learn through study and chameleon-like imitation.

One look in the mirror should disabuse them of any such fantastical notions, no matter how well they perfect the English accents and mannerisms, no one would ever mistake them for an actual British native.

Yes, Oberman could have changed her name to Denham, but it wouldn’t have fooled very many, she would still look preposterous pretending to be a blue blood British aristocrat, just as silly as an African dressed up as an astronaut. Source

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  1. Oh, come on Mike, If we can watch a Black Anne Bollyn, a Black Ulysses, a Black Gwenivere, surly we can watch an old princess play Jane Austen’s ‘Emma?’ I’m waiting for the new production of Othello where all the actors are Black except Othello and Iago.

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      • In their attempts at identity theft, the imbeciles in Hollywood have become unconscious comedians. We can only laugh at these ridiculous attempts at social engineering. Their over ten top rubbish is a sign that they have not only lost control of the narrative but, they are also losing the battle.

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  2. “A Jew will tell you what happened to them, but never why” Russian Proverb

    “Jews have been kicked out 109 times in history, but everyone else seems to be the problem?”

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  3. All of us here know the BBC has been controlled by jews for a long time.
    They didn’t reject her because she looked like a jew they rejected her because
    she probably botched the audition and she has an ugly jew face.
    “Yes, Oberman could have changed her name to Denham, but it wouldn’t have fooled very many, she would still look preposterous pretending to be a blue blood British aristocrat, just as silly as an African dressed up as an astronaut.”
    This is no longer true…these “blue blood British aristocrats” (as well as the Amerikan ones) have been intermarrying with sleazy, usually rich jews seeking titles (and their money) for over a hundred years. Princess Diana was (depending on the source) a half or quarter jew, Kate Middleton is a Rothschild. The entire blue blood aristocrat class in Amerika has been destroyed by intermarriage with sleazy jews, their final gasp occurred in the 80s. RBN radio host Robert Reyvolt has mentioned a book documenting this. I do not recall the exact book title but it has “werewolf” in the title…

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  4. Lord Randolph Henry Spencer Churchill, the father of Winston married Jennie Jerome of the rich banking family from Brooklyn New York. What is almost continually left out of the history of the Jeromes of the Jacobson lineage is that they were Jews. Yes, SaintQuinn, British aristocracy has been intermarrying with Jews for a very long time indeed. Also, Lord Randolph was a friend of the Rothschilds and young Winston was groomed by Jewish banking families for future favors. Martin Gilbert the official biographer of Winston Churchill pretty much lets the cat out of the bag in his ‘Churchill and the Jews.’ Yes, it is the same Martin Gilbert that peddles the Holocaust twaddle to anyone stupid enough to believe this nonsense.

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