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The Vaccine Half Lie is the Biggest Lie of All

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What kind of a clot-shot vaccine is it that to ensure compliance lies and half-truths are essential to its sales, profits and returns on the investment made by corrupt politicians? Spain’s far-left PSOE (Socialist Workers Party) regime in Madrid and Spain’s ‘on-message’ mainstream media were quick to claim that Spain was producing its own homemade anti-Covid ‘vaccine’. They claimed that the Spanish company was given regulator’s approval to trial own Covid vaccine – on humans.

Spain’s drug regulator has approved the first human trials of a domestic Covid-19 vaccine, Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has revealed, and will be administered in a two-dose regimen.

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Speaking at a news conference on Wednesday, the fist-saluting Sanchez announced that Spanish pharmaceutical company HIPRA had been given the go-ahead for clinical trials of one of the corona virus jabs it is currently developing.

What he omitted to say was that HIPRA which is based in Girona is a corporate conglomerate that is as multi-national as the already notorious Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer brands. The Soros-sponsored Marxist premier also forgot to mention that until now, HIPRA is solely a provider of veterinary products including vaccines.

The corporation’s speciality is farm animals, poultry, rabbits, pigs, sheep and cattle. Eager to make a killing on the Covid-19 gravy train humans have now been added as recipients of the company’s products.

The Spanish Agency for Medicines and Health Products (AEMPS) said this would be ’the first human trial of a vaccine developed in Spain.’ Volunteer participants would be recruited via hospital centres ’as soon as possible.’

The first phase of trials will involve around thirty adult volunteers, who will receive two doses within a three-week window as part of the course of the vaccination. The participants will be monitored for any potential adverse side effects or Covid-19 infection.

‘These clinical trials are part of the requirements that all investigational vaccines must carry out to demonstrate their quality, safety and efficacy,’ the AEMPS said. ‘Only after having been evaluated and if they comply with regulatory standards will they be authorised for commercialisation.’

If the trial goes to plan, the company hopes to seek the European Medicines Agency’s approval in the first few months of next year. HIPRA, which has production plants in Spain and Brazil, also plans to manufacture 400 million doses of its vaccine in 2022 and increase this amount threefold to 1,200 million in 2023.

Pre-clinical stages of the trial have yielded ‘very positive’ initial results on animals and in laboratories, HIPRA’s human health director Toni Maneu told Spanish outlet iSanidad earlier this month. He added that the pharma firm believes this will also be demonstrated ‘in humans against all variants’ of Covid.

HIPRA has been developing two Covid-19 shots, with the one granted approval for human trials being based on recombinant proteins akin to Novavax’s jab, and disturbingly the other an mRNA vaccine similar to those of Pfizer and Moderna.

More than 60% of Spain’s population it has been claimed has been fully vaccinated against Covid, making it one of the most vaccinated countries on the European continent. Source

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  1. Even my own family–conservative family and relatives–are STILL giving me crap for not getting the vaccine. It irritates me because they know the liberals are lying, they don’t trust the government here in America, they don’t trust the media, and yet they are still buying into this “COVID” nonsense. I keep telling them “My problem is I don’t like the fact they are trying to force this, they will force us to get passports, they will not allow us to use basic services or hold a job if we don’t get vaccinated.” I told them “I don’t even care if the FDA approves the vaccines; these government institutions are all controlled by corrupt people and they can be bought off.” I can’t believe how stupid and naive people are, even those who know we are being lied to.

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    • ‘One of the serious feelings associated with our time was the feeling of an absurdity when madness becomes more or less normal.’ ~ Sergey Dovlatov (ex-Gulag guard).


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