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They said cheer up it could be worse so I cheered up and sure enough it got worse

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Apart from a shocking pandemic in business closures, hunger and unemployment, and a contagion of soaring deaths through undiagnosed illnesses and the collapse of healthcare systems, population displacement is increasing at an alarming rate. Typical is the Baltic nation of Latvia where there is a horrifying rise in cases of self-exile. In fact, ‘the Latvian protest is worse than usual as they pack their bags and leave’, says Viesturs Koziols.

Viesturs Koziols, secretary-general of the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation and businessman expressed his opinion on the air of the program Preses klubs on the Rīga TV 24 channel . Speaking about Lithuania’s plans to ban visits to supermarkets for the unvaccinated part of the population, Koziols said that this is some kind of joke or yet another threat.

‘I am not vaccinated, and so far, I do not have enough arguments to get vaccinated, and if they tell me that I cannot go to large shopping centres, I will go to small shops,’ the businessman said.

He points out that if in Latvia it is also forbidden to go to supermarkets unvaccinated, then, in the end, we ourselves will become victims.

‘50% are not vaccinated, let’s say we reach 60%. This means that 60% of the Latvian population will go to large supermarkets. Who will suffer from this in the end? We ourselves! The country will suffer. Fewer store visits, fewer purchases, less taxes, there will be less cash flow. Everything is very simple, stop clowning,’ stressed the general secretary of the Latvian Ice Hockey Federation.

His observations show that Latvians are protesting when they leave the country. ‘Latvians are not the ones who will protest. Mr. Gobzems calls for protests. Maybe five more people will go to the protest, but the Latvians have a peculiar kind of protest; they simply pack their suitcase and leave. And I think that politicians should understand that this is the Latvian protest, ‘explained Koziols.

He reports that this year an abnormal number of young hockey players have left Latvia with all their families. ‘They are leaving because they do not believe that there will be a normal life here. They are leaving so their children can play hockey. And, in my opinion, this is a much more terrible protest than going out into the street, ‘the businessman stressed. Source FOLLOW MY BLOG) to continue getting our news.

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  1. My worry is that they’re getting Eastern European and Baltic people to flee their native lands for other Western nations while trying to sneak in nonwhites to Baltic/Eastern Europe. However, I think if that happened, you’d see a quick revolt from Eastern Europeans (like you’re seeing Lithuanians already fight back) and a number of Eastern Europeans and Baltic people living outside their native nation would come back to Eastern European if they felt their nation were being invaded. Just like Vlad Tepes came back to Romania to defend his people from the Turks.

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