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Another Hero has gone. Obituary for Henry Hafenmayer.

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On Wednesday, August 11th, 2021, our friend and comrade Henry Hafenmayer passed away.  Henry Hafenmayer was and still is ~ through those of us who pick up his fallen baton, one of the world’s foremost and elequent Wrld War Two revisionists. I would describe his words exposing Allied lies as a ‘Holocaust of Damned Falsehoods.’

The former German Government Minister, an eminent doctor, prophesisied: ‘One day the (allied) lies will break down under the own weight. Then we (National Socialists) will stand as proud and undefiled as we have always been). Henry Hafenmayer was one of a growing number who don’t die because to live in the hearts and tongues of those we leave behind is not to die.

After a long illness and stays in clinics in Germany and Switzerland, another whose name goes into Europe’s true Hall of Heroes passed away in southern Germany in the middle of the week. He cared for every comrade who needed his help in a far-sighted and self-sacrificing way and was a fighter for the truth. We’ll miss Henry! He said and uttered what others dared not think.

The stay in a hospital in Switzerland alone resulted in costs of more than CHF 10,000. (€9,262 or $10,000) Additional costs for the cremation amount to 2500 €. It was a loyal companion who paid these costs alone so far, to enable him to receive the treatment and also to be able to provide for a dignified burial. We cannot and do not want to leave them alone with this!

Anyone who has the opportunity and is willing can support them with a voluntary donation. With the following bank account, this reaches the comrade directly. Source 1, Sourse 2.

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Kamerad Henry Hafenmayer ist hinübergegangen! — Still gestanden! — Helm ab!

Henry hat mit offenem Visier für Deutschland gekämpft. Er kämpfte selbstlos und konsequent wie Honigmann, Frau Ursula Haverbeck, Horst Mahler, Menschen mit Löwenherzen.

Ich zitiere Artikel5 Info

„Am Mittwoch den 11.08.2021 ist unser Freund und Kamerad Henry Hafenmayer von uns gegangen. Nach längerer Krankheit und Aufenthalten in Kliniken in Deutschland und der Schweiz verstarb er Mitte der Woche in Süddeutschland. Er kümmerte sich weitsichtig und auch aufopfernd um jeden Kameraden, der seine Hilfe benötigte und war ein Kämpfer für die Wahrheit. Henry wird uns fehlen! Er sagte und sprach das aus, was Andere nicht zu denken wagten.“

Nichts ist verloren. Wir alle waren schon 1000 Male auf Erden. Henry ist dort, wo er hingehört, in lichtem Gefielde. Ich gönne es ihm von Herzen. Ich schätze, bald wird er wieder kommen und wird Früchte seiner Arbeit genießen können.

Henry Hafenmayer ist hinübergegangen « bumi bahagia / Glückliche Erde

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  1. I’m very tardy in commenting… sorry Mike, didn’t see that you had posted this until now.
    I am so glad to have known Henry personally. Not only was he a courageous and brave warrior for Truth and Light, but he was also a kind and selfless man. His work will have ripple effects far into the future, and his spirit will live on with us. There will be monuments for him when we win this war.

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    • Not just for Henry, Monika, for so many of us. I always predicted that one day public parks, boulevards, city buildings and suchlike will be named after the truly great warriors of Europe and Truth. Central Park will be the William Joyce Park and Gardens of Tribute.

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