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How to Boost your business with a Product Review

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Product and service (you offer) reviews are one of the most effective forms of local advertising.  Basically, the content of these advertorials is couched like a newspaper editorial. In small print, usually at the top of the information hand-out, you will see it flagged up as an advertising feature or similar.

The content of your product or service review will be an outline description of what your business offers to the discerning media browser. Product reviews are a balance between a news story, that can’t be bought, unless you are Bill Gates, and a conventional advertisement that you buy.

The editorial departments of responsible newspapers are kept separate from the advertising department. Advertisement features are perfectly legitimate and have been a part of newspaper and periodical life as long as print media has existed. 

The trick is to get your company’s message over so that readers are tempted to take an interest in your business or its products.  The larger companies engage professional copywriters to write, submit and manage their advertising.  Copy-writing agencies fees can be high so be prepared to ask a friend who loves writing if you are on a tight budget.

If you are in touch with a media writer, columnist, or reporter you might be lucky enough to get them to do one for you for a small gratuity. The going fee is usually about €60 for a small advertising feature.  Don’t quote me; as with all else in life, advertising copywriters are perfectly entitled to charge as they wish.

If you wish to write your own product or service review, remember to stick to the five W principles of editorial writing. Your content must cover what (product) why (the benefits of using it), who (who it benefits), where (your contact details) and when (now as it is a special offer etc.)

There is another expression common to selling:  K.I.S.S. (Keep it Simple, Stupid). A trick often used is to pour out your thoughts and then take the blue pencil to it; bring it down to size. A common mistake is to write far more than is necessary.  To give you an idea of size, this information column is roughly 375 words in length.  Aim for 200 words.

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