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Explain please…if you still believe in the mainstream narrative, here are a few questions for you to ponder. Explain how the flu disappeared but has been replaced with something which shares many of the same symptoms. Explain why they downgraded Covid-19 from a high consequential infectious disease days before (19 March 2020) they declared a pandemic.

Explain how they pulled the coronavirus Act 2020 legislation together in a matter of days, despite the act being several hundred pages long. Explain why they have completely changed the normal practice and used criteria like ‘deaths for ANY reason within 28 days of a positive test’ to classify a Covid-19 death.

Explain why they banned autopsies of anyone dying from/with Covid-19. Explain why they changed the law to allow any practitioner to diagnose Covid through observation alone, even if it is done through video consultation.

Explain why undertakers have seen no difference in burials or cremations. Explain how all-cause mortality is at an all-time low. Explain how millions of unmasked protesters despite their not being jabbed with the serum-concoction of mysteries across the globe aren’t getting sick with ‘Covid.’

Explain how this is the only crisis that needs a multi-billion advertising campaign paired with a constant barrage of repetitive brainwashing propaganda on the TV and in the streets.

Explain how hundreds of thousands of people marched through the streets of London for an afternoon last month but it wasn’t once shown on ANY TV channel or reported in the mainstream press.

Explain how thousands were yelling ‘shame on you’ outside the BBC HQ in both London, Manchester and Cardiff last Saturday but it wasn’t shown on the TV? Likewise International Television News (ITN) and Google offices.  

Explain how the people who are wearing the masks, mostly ‘vaccinated’ and following the rules are the only ones who are catching ‘COVID’.

Explain how the creator of the PCR amplification tool is on record for stating that the PCR was not designed as a test for infectious diseases. Explain why they are using the PCR to diagnose an infectious disease. Explain why the concern has been changed from Covid deaths to hospitalisations to Covid infections to Covid ‘cases’.

Explain how the ‘anti-vaxxers’ are being blamed for the rise in ‘cases’ when the only people who could possibly be contributing to the statistics are the people who are getting the ‘test’ in the first place.

Explain why the hospitals were emptier than normal during the height of the ‘pandemic.’ Explain why whistle-blowers are reporting that the hospitals are now filling up with vaccine adverse reactions but the MSM isn’t reporting it.

Explain why kids need to be vaccinated when by your own definitions, Covid isn’t dangerous to children. Explain, if all the vulnerable people have already been vaccinated, why do all the healthy people need to get vaccinated if you’re already protected by your own vaccine and the recovery rate was already 99.96% without the vaccine.

Explain why the average age of death with ‘Covid’ (82.4 years) is higher than the average age of death without (81.5 years). Explain how you can get banned from YouTube, Facebook and Twitter for sharing official government links.

Explain why there are several class actions in progress, taking governments across the globe to court for crimes against humanity, but there is zero coverage or mention by conventional media and broadcasters.

Explain why most government leaders and news presenters are reading from the same script. Explain how all the things that you were laughing at us for talking about last year are now becoming a reality this year e.g., vaccine passports and mass surveillance (NHS app). Explain why some people have the answers to these questions- whilst others still believe the narrative, hook, line and sinker? If you need more challenges then clearly you are beyond help. Video, Video2

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