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NATO Shambles leaves the European Union up the Khyber without a paddle or musket

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The nations making up the European Union’s 27 states fall under the term collective irresponsibility. In fact, for monumental blunders on an epic scale each of these nations defence departments should be dismantled and its hapless operatives arrested and their bank accounts analysed.

It seems not a single EU nation from Estonia to Portugal, from Spain to Italy and Bulgaria had enough brain cells to prepare for the rout, retreat and humiliating collapse of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

Yet, these now undefended nations, after sanctioning, threatening and provoking their Russian neighbours when urged to do so by the once biggest bully in the playground, now find themselves trying to use media in a damage limitation face-saving exercise. Might this not be a good time for the European Union betrayed nations to grasp Russia’s hand as the Taliban have done and surrender to the real world.

But collapse it has and these nation’s 70% dependence on Washington DC and the Pentagon for their defence is in tatters. As a former Russian high-ranking officer in the Russian Ministry of Defence pointed out, ‘tanks don’t need visas.’

Neither do rag-arsed migrants flooding into Europe. The question is if the Brussels based EU cult is incapable of stopping migrants flooding into Europe through barbed wire coils and flimsy craft how is it going to protect Europeans from the might of the Russian Federation which is allied to the Peoples Republic of China? 

It is difficult to say which of these two sorely provoked nations will have the easiest task. Russia at Europe’s borders or the Chinese super fleets of warships including nuclear subs and long range bombers prowling along the Western seaboards of Biden’s financially, morally bankrupt rainbow coloured nation known as the United States.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attends an online news conference following a NATO Foreign Ministers video meeting following developments in Afghanistan at the NATO headquarters in Brussels, Friday, Aug. 20, 2021. NATO Foreign Ministers are meeting in a videoconference to assess the chaotic situation in Afghanistan and coordinate efforts to get nationals and key local staff out of the country. (AP Photo/Francisco Seco, Pool)

EUROPE RENAISSANCE To survive we desperately need support. Simple online transfers from EU/UK accounts or Wise transfers. Contact editor

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