Month: August 2021

Pro-Life and Child Protection activists storm BBC, ITN and Google offices demanding an end to government propaganda

Anti-Fake vaccine activists’ storm British Bas Corporation (BBC) Independent Television (ITV) and Google offices in London furious at propaganda coercing innocent people including children into being injected with a serum of unknown content and lethal side-effects whilst absolving themselves of responsibility for its side effects.

The Cost of the Afghan War to Workers and Taxpayers

Brown University’s Costs of War Project estimates that the US has spent some $2.26 trillion on the war in Afghanistan over the past two decades. More than 100,000 Afghan civilians, tens of thousands of Afghan security forces personnel and Taliban fighters, about 3,500 US and NATO troops and 4,000+ Western mercenaries were killed in that time, with hundreds of thousands more injured, and millions becoming refugees.

A military chaplain rescues a child sold for his organs.

The story of Father Ignacio María Doñoro de los Río is worthy of the greatest James Bond. The 57-year-old former military chaplain has been nominated to receive the Princess of Asturias Prize in the Concord category. This is to reward his work for 25 years with young victims of extreme poverty and against human trafficking. 

Which part of Nein don’t migrant and liberals not understand

Over 230,000 foreigners in Germany are ordered to be deported but are allowed to remain under ‘tolerated resident’ status. In the first half of 2021, security authorities in Saxony initiated investigations into around 2,500 criminal offences committed by foreigners, including a number of serious ones, even though these aliens had already been ordered to leave Germany but have been allowed to remain under ‘tolerated’ status.