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Because they can’t reproduce, they have to seduce

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What is it about the unelected EU President Ursula van Leyen that she gets her knickers in a twist in her shabby attempts to degrade the God given role of men and women? What kind of a depraved woman openly and loudly campaigns on behalf of shirt-lifters whose life longevity is on average 20 years shorter than that of normal heterosexual partners and cannot reproduce? Is this the reason for her abhorrence of normal romantic relationships?

The European Parliament has published its resolution regarding LGBTQ elevated status rights in the European Union following a stormy debate during a plenary session in Strasbourg. To observers of the Hungarian Parliament’s recent conduct, it will come as no surprise that Hungary and Poland were singled out yet again as pariah states that are allegedly severely restricting the rights of sexual minorities and denying them a family life.

The EU’s resolution’s main goal was to elevate LGBTQ rights with a special focus on family life to the same level that heterosexual marriages and families enjoy, a topic that seems increasingly moving towards the top of the EP’s agenda despite a myriad of other burning problems facing the admittedly bankrupt union in times of pandemic and economic downturn.

Yet, the declaration calls on the implementation of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s 2020 directive, according to which, ‘If you are parent in one country, you are parent in every country’, referring to the need for mutual recognition of family relations in the EU. This directive comes at a time when same-sex marriages, and the rights of same-sex couples are clearly not harmonised in among all 27 EU member states.’

It is perhaps noteworthy right from the outset that in the bloc the definition of parenthood or family is an entirely one-way process, in which the dominant EU powers agree on new concepts that are gradually passed down towards newer member states eastward for mandatory adoption.

Family values prevalent on the eastern edges of the EU are deemed inherently out of date and politically incorrect They, Hungary, Poland, The Czech and Slovakian nations in particular, and are not considered as a valid option when presented to Western-European nations as a legitimate alternative to radical progressive concepts.

This is clear from the parliament’s adoption of a resolution condemning Poland for what is often incorrectly labelled as ‘LGBTQ-free zones’, that basically refers to local authorities who have rejected proposals to allow radical gender propaganda to be taught in schools and kindergartens.

The left-leaning George Soros sponsored parliamentarians also condemned Hungary for their recently adopted child-protection laws that introduce more severe punishments for child-abuse, as well as ban the indoctrination of children in state institution with LGBTQ ideology.

The European Parliament, which is overwhelmingly made up of MEPs from the liberal left, has demanded the EU pursue Article 7 charges against Hungary and Poland.

The EU parliament calls on the European Commission to start Article 7 infringement proceedings against the two countries (Poland and Hungary), and also to resort to financial sanctions in case they are found guilty of violating EU treaties. This comes despite an earlier agreement, which prohibits the use of financial sanctions in rule-of-law disputes, which the European Council had signed in return for Hungary and Poland agreeing to sign off on the EU’s new budget in December last year.

It begs the question as to what justification could European parliamentarians find for the entirely one-sided attack on Poland or Hungary, when the number of homophobic incidents in these two countries is dwarfed by the frequency and brutality of attacks in their Western-European counterparts.

The parliament, that was originally created to resolve conflicts among rival European powers by political means, ended up being an institution that creates conflicts there, where it has no authority to interfere. Apart from potentially destabilising new European democracies, it also erodes confidence in the European project by conducting vindictive activist politics instead of focusing on issues that the vast majority of Europeans struggle with in their daily lives.

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  1. High time that EU members that don’t agree with what is being pushed down their throats in regards to
    what is regarded as moral injustice upon member states to make a stand .It could very well be that Eastern Orthodox views fit so much better for some and should be re-thought in terms of how they should live their lives in the future in terms of how the the family life should be built and sustained.
    The un-elected body of the EU has no place in the bedrooms of nations and should also not be making
    rules of behavior or comportment of same.
    It could very well be that at the end of the day ,those nation states that don’t want to abide by the diktats of un-elected individuals ,within the EU ,would be better off aligning with like minded Eastern Orthodox nations such as exists in Russia and other nations of the same mind .

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