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The Great Reset is driven by Big Tech Ideological Globalist Crusaders

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There was a dramatic shift in the balance of power between giant-sized companies and nation-states in 2000. The American Institute for Policy Studies showed that comparing the incomes of large companies and the GDP of nation-states, there are now 51 giga-corporations and 49 national economies. The survey showed that companies such as General Motors, Walmart, ExxonMobil, and Ford were already larger in 2000 than Poland, Norway, and Saudi Arabia.

In recent years, technology mostly untaxed giants, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, etc. have also become part of this elite group. These firms have revenues that have already risen above a number of developed Western nation-states. The combined value of Microsoft and Apple, for example, is higher than that of all firms in the German DAX index. That is, they became a special industrial-service state, or worse, an empire and their resources are growing exponentially from year to year (detectable even during a pandemic).

However, the big difference between tech and financial-commercial giants is that compared to the latter, the former run a kind of sinister ideological industry, have an influence on what people talk about, think about, what words to use, and what to avoid if they don’t want to be quarantined for overcommunication. At Big Tech companies, therefore, financial power is also associated with intellectual power, and together it poses unprecedented dangers to the world.

Facebook would argue that it doesn’t really matter what Mark Zuckerberg, who heads the company, thinks about world affairs, what he thinks about patriotism, national consciousness, Christianity, what he thinks about liberalism, globalism, multiculturalism and gender theories, what he thinks about LGBTQ groups, and what George Soros thinks on the theory of an open society.

Putting it bluntly: Zuckerberg, and Twitter founder, leader, and stealth-communist-in-chief Jack Dorsey, and other Big Tech leaders visibly identify with the goals of globalists. This is already a war against nations and democracy, not fought with weapons, but much more refined and insidious, 21st-century tools.

It can therefore be said that if a national, conservative camp is to defend democracy and the nation, it must take a hard political fight against the world-transforming plans and aspirations of globalist networks. It must do this in spite of one’s own self-restraint and reluctance to fight, for the sake of defending one’s own way of life and the future for our own children and grandchildren.

If we must, we have to create our own networks like GAB, we have to use the still-existing legal means of the nation-state, we have to expose to the public the key figures of globalists. The globalist big boys want to tell us how to live in the centuries to come just as did the malevolent destructive Bolsheviks now masquerading as Globalists.

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