Month: September 2021

This Red September there is no Fuhrer and his Stormtroopers to save Germany from the Abyss

Protest bans, property seizures, and a move away from the market-based free enterprise will characterise a new left-wing German government, according to German historian Reiner Zitelmann. For the first time since the early 1920s when party activists of Hitler’s NSDAP parties battled to prevent the Bolshevik seizure of post-World War I Germany the Reds are on the brink of seizure of the Bundestag. History is not likely to repeat itself as Adolf Hitler, the NSDAP and the Germans with enough backbone to prevent a Communist seizure has gone on the winds of time.

Brit State Cops use attack dogs against Anti-Jab protestors

How long will it be before a former serviceman of Britain’s armed forces take out one of the rainbow nation’s violent but otherwise inept cops? A protest against Covid-19 vaccine passports in Newcastle, England, turned ugly only after state police showed up with horses, batons were drawn and attack dogs, one of which mauled a man who was being tackled and subdued by several officers.