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Do Whites deserve to die for allegedly uttering the ‘N’ word


Do Whites deserve to die for allegedly uttering the ‘N’ word? The Press barons of the news corporations, all of whom are dual-passport holders and able to escape racial conflict, appear to think so.

The institutionally anti-white media combined with the tendency for extreme violence among blacks are creating an increasingly dangerous environment for whites.  Media coverage of Whites tends to be negative and mocking; the same media exaggerates or invents black achievements. The media’s worship of blacks is nauseating. A video came across my newsfeed with the title ‘A man gets knocked out after reportedly calling a woman with a child the N-word’.

The security camera video from the convenience store depicts what appears to be some argument between a young white man and a black woman. The young white man is then sucker-punched by a much larger and older black man. The white man stumbles to his feet and then is hit several more times.

The headline of the incident from a media outlet reads: ‘Shocking moment ‘white supremacist’ gets knocked out twice by a stranger after calling a black woman with a little girl the n-word’.

There is no audio evidence that the word ‘nigger’ was used by the white victim of the attack. The Daily Mail article, however, described the violent attacker as a ‘bystander’ who ‘confronts the white man and gives him one hard punch in the face.’

Then, blaming the white man who has been labelled by a reporter as a ‘white supremacist,’ writing, ‘It appears he had more to say though, prompting the black man to punch him repeatedly at least three more times in the face, sending the man back to the ground.’

The white-hating spin in favour of the black assailant is undeniable. It is doubtful if coloureds ever received better PR (public relations support) as positive as that printed or spoken by the Press and television.

From a similar story out of Virginia: There was some altercation between a white woman and a black man in a 7-Eleven, ending with the black man punching the white mother, killing her. The black man claims she called him a ‘nigger,’ justifying his attack.

Another white woman, this time at a Popeye’s, was body-slammed in the parking lot by black employees. Fox News also reported on the story with a headline meant to protect the violent attacker. It reads: ‘Popeye’s employee says viral video of body-slammed customer doesn’t tell the full story.’

The so-called media full story which is unfounded speculation: The blacks claim the white woman uttered the magic word. The magic ‘N’ word that has the power to turn what we are told are otherwise productive and cooperative members of society into rampaging feral brutes in fits of uncontrollable rage.

Video from downtown Minneapolis shows a white man being attacked, beaten, stripped, robbed, and stomped on by a dozen or so blacks. The local media reported this merely as a ‘staffing issue.’

Commentators on social media speculated that the white man deserved the prison gang-style beating because ‘maybe he called one of them a nigger.’ If non-Whites have a chip on their shoulder it was undoubtedly put there by the foreign-owned anti-White mainstream media.

An entire generation of coloureds have had it drummed into them that all of their failings are due entirely to the infamies of their White oppressors. As a consequence, blacks feel justified in attacking anyone on the basis of their white skin colour. One can imagine a media hack screaming approval as a black bludgeons an elderly person or rapes a young mother. This is not hyperbole: this behaviour was typical of BBC and ITV television crews in White managed South Africa.

Others wanted to ‘wait for more information’ before jumping to any conclusions. ‘More information’ meaning, maybe the white man uttered the magic ‘No’ word that can summon violent demons from the depths of the abyss, which of course would mean the gang attack would be media justified.

With no exception, when a video is posted of a black person violently attacking a white person, the headlines on the videos always claim the white used the ‘n-word.’ Interestingly, the videos rarely capture anything leading up to the attacks, and when they do, the word ‘nigger’ is not heard. Most who comment never seem to catch this, however. They simply take the headline at face value.

Here are a few examples: ‘Fight Breaks Out After Redneck Calls Man the N-Word at a Bar in Kansas’. ‘Children These Days Are Mad Violent: Bunch of Girls Go Ape Shxt on a Boy for Allegedly Calling Them the N-Word on a School Bus.’ ‘Heated: Black Man Confronts Man from Switzerland for Allegedly Using the N-Word Online.’ ‘Man Gets Brutally Attacked at McDonald’s After Using the N-Word.’ Time and time again we see this same anti-white frame-up from media. The media is blatantly offering non-Whites a get out of gaol hint: strike any White person and claim your victim called you the ‘N’ word.’

What does the law say about this? Fighting words are not an affirmative legal defense in the US. You cannot attack a person and escape legal punishment by claiming that your victim uttered so-called fighting words.

This is of course known by the media, yet they are writing these stories and framing the headlines in such a way that gives attackers of white people some sort of moral and legal authority to lash out. Or, after attacking a white person, they can simply say they were called a ‘nigger.’

The foreign-owned media oligarchy, by running headlines and articles that excuse random attacks on white people, is aiding criminal behaviour. The Press could be termed co-conspirators with street criminals, giving them the impression that claiming to hear the word ‘nigger’ is an affirmative defence, allowing them to attack a white person for any reason with impunity.

A survey of interracial violent crime tells us this narrative is entirely fictitious and is used to create a more hostile society towards whites, one where the younger and older members of our society come out worst.

In Oklahoma, a black teen threw a 1-year-old white child from the cart his mother was pushing him in outside of a grocery store, onto the parking lot asphalt. 5-year-old Landen Hofman was shopping with his mother at Mall of America when a black man threw him off a third-floor balcony.

6-month-old Levi Cole Ellerbe was kidnapped from his home by three blacks, who then set him on fire and dumped his body on railroad tracks. An 84-year-old white man was attacked while riding a bus in New York by a person who screamed that he hates white people and hope they all burn in hell. The reason for the attack? The old man accidentally dropped his cane.

While exiting a bus in Las Vegas, 74-year-old Serge Fournier, while using a walker, was pushed down the bus steps from behind by a black woman. Serge slammed his head on the concrete below and later died from the injury. John Weed, a 59-year-old white man, was attacked and killed at a fair by two black teens. Charlie Smith, Frederick County State Attorney, said the attack was ‘over a dollar bill, it was not over race.’

Looking at broader data we find a clear trend. The absolute majority of violent interracial crimes between whites and blacks involve whites being attacked by blacks.

Whites being attacked violently by blacks account for 90% of the violent felonies between the two races. Looking at the National Crime Victimization Survey published by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, we see how troubling this 90% figure is and to what magnitude the problem exists.

The figures are astonishing. Whites are violently attacked every year by non-whites to the figure of over 1,200,000. Blacks make up over 500,000 of those, Hispanics add over 300,000, with Asians and ‘other’ making up the remainder. The non-white races attack whites at a massively disproportionate rate compared to them being attacked by whites, something over twenty-to-one.

Over one million white people and their families have their lives turned upside down each year through non-white home invasions, carjacking, muggings, assaults, and rapes. One million this year, last year, the year before, and so on. Ten million or so over the past decade since Counter-Currents was launched.

The numbers are clear. Non-whites are abusing our people on a tremendous scale, particularly the most vulnerable of us, women, children, the elderly, while the media hides most of it, excuses what is seen, and promotes still further violence by highlighting rare white-on-black crimes and promoting the ‘n-word’ defence.

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  1. The real question is why white men, collectively, sit back and allow these abuses and humilatations committed against them and against their children, women, ancestors and nations? Are their comforts really worth keeping in exchange for their silence and passiveness?

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    • ‘The greatest want of the world is the want of men, men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall.’ – Ellen G. White.


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