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Our time in history will someday be studied under the conventional marker ‘The Cult of the Fear of Death’. I don’t see a more precise definition. And more shameful for a historical milestone, too.

I watched TV yesterday; the conclusion: they have never been frightened on such a large scale. ‘Vesti’, ‘Vremya’, the whole small telescope, horror-horror, people are dying, red zones, everyone needs to be vaccinated urgently.

Every story, every line, every interview is about this. I logged into the account of the pseudo-leftist Shurygin from The Day. Here are horror stories for gourmets: they relish descriptions of the painful death from covid, with reference to doctors from the ‘red zones’, the dying ‘breathe like fish in the sand.’

The panellists gloat: ‘I should have been vaccinated on time’! Is it worth explaining to these people that the vaccinated, when dying, suffocate in the same way as the unvaccinated?

Everyone scares death: officials, journalists, managers, athletes, bloggers, even priests. But many of these scarecrows, in a parallel life, allegedly bearers of any moral attitudes: Christian, patriotic, communist, Buddhist and even ‘the way of the samurai’, in exotic cases.

That is, adherents of concepts, death as a source of fear for those who despise. Communists shaking with fear? Christians afraid to give up their ghost? Cowardly fans of martial arts? Oxymoron. Funny and sad at the same time. However, the generation of mummers is our reality. What we deserve.

This shameful implantation of the fear of death as an ideology does not in any way correlate with the human one. For many centuries mankind fought, starved, ached, executed, punished, worked, defended, and at the same time learned and developed.

Death in any spiritual philosophy is only a transition, a stage of growth. Death in the philosophy of a warrior is an object of honour, a reward for valour, and again, a gateway to a better world.

The death of a farmer is just a natural outcome, a fatal inevitability: ‘we will sing, we will walk, and death comes, we will die.’ I’m not even talking about the ancient Thracians, they generally mourned the birth of a baby, and the deceased was seen off with a holiday.

People were never panicky afraid of death. For the fear of death is not human. This is an animal sitting in a person, a dull instinct for self-preservation. The human is the fear of losing his freedom. His fear of slavery and humiliation. His fear of degradation. Fear of involution into cattle.

That is why there were wars for freedom and independence, wars for their native fields, wars for their kind. And, if at the same time death came to someone, then there was no other happiness than death ‘for one’s friends.’

We have already grown up two generations of military men who have never defended their homeland. Yes, they are still touched by the film ‘Officers’, rattling out of nowhere medals that have come from, and sometimes even sing along with Gazmanov. But they are not ready to die.

For death, they do not give career advancement, it is given for loyalty and diligence. Including for the execution of essentially criminal orders to nightmare their own people. Am I surprised that the military is also campaigning for ascension? The question is rhetorical.

No, it is not death that a person should be afraid of. You should be afraid of life, that ‘life’ that you are now being offered as a lifeline from the ‘terrible suffocation of the covid’.

You should be afraid of veterinary medicine, and it is becoming just that, where you will be poked with syringes every six months, forced to carry a tag in your ear, sterilized and castrated like stray dogs, and also walk according to a schedule and regulations. And the same will be the life of your children, about whom you are now so worried, rushing about with nonsense about ‘collective immunity’.

All these agitators for vaccinations and scarecrows have confused concern for their own belly with concern for the fate of humanity. The cult of the fear of death gives them an illusory hope for a dominant position in the new reality. But to you, persuaded and frightened, what’s the use?

Are you ready to do anything for that handful of bank notes that they threaten to take away from you if you refuse the injection?

Are you ready to cowardly agree to any humiliation with a hypothetical threat of denying you food and rest? Are you hoping to buy security by paying for freedom? Then think, remembering the history of the human race: are you human? ~ Sergey Mescheryakov, translated by Michael Walsh.

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  1. Of course we are sheep. The few who were prepared to stand up are rotting in jail, betrayed by their own kind. Sometimes even by their own kith and kin.

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  2. I am not negative, but I am a realist. I am also 81 years old and have been through the grinder, so I speak from experience.


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