What Happens to you when you die

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Dr Erlendur Haraldsson as emeritus professor of psychology at the University of Iceland asked 700 doctors and nurses to explain to him the visions their close to death patients had on their deathbed.

Many people saw in their own words deceased friends or relatives who said they were ready to guide them to the afterlife. The dying patients became very happy and could then let go of their fear of death.

‘Technically, they were all hallucinations’, said Haraldsson. ‘We define hallucinations and visions that are not seen by others. Thus, viewed from a technical point of view, hallucinations. From a different point of view, they are also very realistic.’

The visions are realistic because they relate to real people. The visions are clear, rational and are surprisingly very similar. Haraldsson investigated nearly 500 terminally ill patients in America and India, which were offered help in passing. Patients recognised spirits and did not realise that the people were already deceased.

Domestically Haraldsson asked people if they ever have been in contact with someone who is deceased. ‘To my surprise, said 31 percent of the people ‘yes’’, he said. In Europe a quarter of the people claim to had contact with the dead.

He cited the example of a woman who was busy in the kitchen. She thought someone walked past her, but there was nobody. Suddenly, she smelled a strong smell of alcohol. Her husband smelled the air later that day and asked if anyone had visited.

They later discovered that the man from whom she had bought the house was drowned when the woman had the strange experience. The man was an alcoholic.

Haraldsson says once having seen a ghost when he was studying in Copenhagen. ‘I wish there were more scientists who would like to do related searches. Some people do not want to burn their fingers because they think it will damage their reputation. Which now hampers proper progress.’ Source

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