The Movie that Accidentally killed almost Half of Its Cast

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The story of the 1956 film The Conqueror is among the most shameful in the history of Hollywood. It is also a lesson for the remaining few who trust their government, legal system and paid scientists to act responsibly with mandated vaccines.

The big-budget would-be blockbuster featured an epic miscast of John Wayne as the 13th century Mongol warlord Genghis Khan. It’s not just that Genghis Khan had a southern drawl, no that’s bad enough. The worst part is The Conqueror nearly killed half its cast.

One of the last films produced by the infamously eccentric businessman Howard Hughes, The Conqueror was a critical laughing stock and a commercial failure. In his later years, Hughes reportedly bought up every print of the film he could find, and obsessively watched it nearly every evening in his private screening room. Why? Some speculate it was out of guilt over the decision to film The Conqueror in a nuclear fallout zone.

The Conqueror was filmed on location outside the dusty, sleepy town of St. George, Utah, which lay about 100 miles downwind of the U.S. Government’s nuclear test zone.

TRUST AND FOLLOW THE SCIENCE? In 1953 alone, the government ran 11 nuclear tests there, assuring the residents of St. George that there was no danger from the radiation. Predicting later problems, he cautioned that ‘damage done to an individual by radiation often does not make itself known for five to ten years or a generation or more.’

In 1953, eleven above-ground nuclear weapons tests occurred at the site as part of Operation Upshot–Knothole. The cast and crew spent many difficult weeks at the site, and producer Howard Hughes later shipped 60 tons of nuclear toxic dirt back to Hollywood in order to match the Utah terrain and lend realism to studio re-shoots Nuclear Testing and the Downwinders.

The sheep and their herd owners were Iron County’s first victims of radioactivity. While being trailed across Nevada from winter range to the lambing yards at Cedar City, some 18,000-20,000 sheep were exposed to large quantities of radioactive fallout from tests in March and April 1953.

Kern and McRae Bulloch first noticed burns on their animals’ faces and lips where they had been eating radioactive grass. Then ewes began miscarrying in large numbers and at the lambing yards wool sloughed off in clumps revealing blisters on adult sheep. New lambs were stillborn with grotesque deformities or born so weak they were unable to nurse. Ranchers lost as much as a third of their herds.

Ranchers and preliminary veterinary investigators suspected radiation poisoning. The AEC had given Iron County agricultural agent Steven Brower a Geiger counter, a small radiation meter, to carry with him. At the sheep pens, he reported the ‘needle on my meter went clear off scale. We picked up high counts on the thyroid and on the top of the head, and there were lesions and scabs on the mouths and noses of the sheep.’

In early June the AEC sent teams of radiation experts to Cedar City to examine sick animals. The dead carcasses had already been destroyed. The AEC reportedly forced its scientists to rewrite their field reports and eliminate any references to speculation about radiation damage or effects.

The number of dead sheep represented a loss of a quarter of a million dollars to the ranchers, but Brower was told ‘that AEC could under no circumstance allow the precedent to be set in court or otherwise that AEC was liable or responsible for payment for radiation damage to either animals or humans.’

In 1955–56, five lawsuits were brought by Iron County ranchers against the government alleging that atmospheric testing of nuclear devices in the spring of 1953 had damaged their herds.

The ranchers and their young lawyer, Dan Bushnell, firmly believed that truth would win out and fair play would prevail. The first case, Bulloch v. United States, was processed and tried as representative of the others. It came before the court of Judge Sherman Christensen in September 1956.

To the plaintiffs’ dismay, technical data from government studies and testimony from government veterinarians regarding radiation damage gathered by the AEC was not presented. Instead, government expert witnesses testified that radiation damage could not have been a cause or a contributing cause to the sheep deaths.

Attorney Bushnell tried without success to convince the judge that the government was covering up unfavourable material to protect itself and its program; however, although Judge Christensen ruled the government was negligent in monitoring the tests, he ruled in favour of the government on the crucial issue of whether damage occurred as a result of atomic testing. Humanity might survive ~ if it learns from history. The hyped and highly profitable media-promoted experimental ‘vaccine’ clearly suggests that mankind has learnt nothing.

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