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Britain’s Dumbest Employees more highly paid than Educated Professionals


The Hapless Men of Judas or State Agents (police officers as media describes them) are paid well for providing a protective wall of shields and batons to protect the corrupt political cult from the wrath of the people.

A British Badge Nigger receives on average £20 (€24 or $27) per hour. An improvement on the 30-pieces of silver that Judas received for his betrayal of Christianity.


British state operatives retire at the age of 60 even if at that ‘venerated age’ they are merely pen-pushing desk sergeants. This retirement age for the STASI is much earlier than the national average of 66-years of age. The tax-funded largesse given by the policeman’s appreciative regime is an impressive 2/3 of the state agent’s pay on his or her leaving the force.

Whilst the pay of Constable Plod is similar to that received by university-trained professionals such as dentists, solicitors and time-served tradesmen few if any academic achievements are required of police job applicants. In the event that a cop loses or leaves his job, he just about qualifies as a shelf–stacker in a supermarket, with all due respect to those employed in this role.

The British state operative is often described as an officer. But what qualifies him or her for such a gold-plated title that one normally associates with a British Army Officer or marine deck officers? Not a lot, the British cop swears allegiance not to the people of Britain or the UK’s non-existent constitution but to the Queen. She is not accountable to parliament and she contributes nothing to the cop’s pay.


Is the pay of Badge Niggers performance related? Not really: Only 1/3 of murderers are caught and brought to justice. Only 13 per cent of burglaries are solved by the police.

Of 3,370 burglaries reported to Constable Plod only 438 scoundrels were actually caught; likely because the miscreant fell asleep in their victim’s home and was fast asleep a week later when Plod arrived. With a clear-up rate of 60 per cent, the flat foot is far better at bringing to just bank robbers. Moral of the story? If you don’t wish to hear the cell door slamming then it is far safer to steal from pensioners and widows or sexually assault children, but leave the banks alone and don’t even think of protesting about the regime that governs you.

If police pay was performance-related then Plod wish not to see his pay docket based on his hapless performance at bringing to justice sex offenders. Britain’s quack officers clear up fewer than 1 in 10 sex crimes.

The one irony is that police career job applicant is that the career attracts the dimmest of job seekers whilst the pay and conditions of employment are similar to those earned by Britain’s brightest workers.

A former policeman who took early retirement once explained to me that cops are vicious, the nastiest sons-of-bitches on record, far nastier than the miscreants in prisons because the Badge Nigger hates his job but loves his pay and conditions too much to forsake them.

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