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How I Achieved Great Riches denied to multi-Millionaires

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I became a member of Colin Jordan’s British Movement in 1968. The tributes I have received during the 53-years of political struggle, or Mike Kampf as my wife calls it, are invariably respectful and complimentary and are a great source of pride for me.

Our brand of politics, quite frankly, doesn’t pay. Nothing changed: Even today a month’s donations add up to less than a barman’s weekly salary.

Knowsley Road

Much of my activity over half a century was supported by personal sacrifice. I could so easily have done what others do; by ignoring the plight of Europeans, even if they themselves couldn’t see the threat, I could have added hard work to such skills as I have and made more than a crust.

Would I have been better off? No, not according to several very rich acquaintances. They do respect me and they applaud my sacrifices but typical of their ilk they don’t chip in. They didn’t get rich by giving money away.

In private conversation, two multi-millionaire acquaintances on different occasions conceded that they envy me when comparing the vibrant colour and excitement of my life with their number-crunching wealth pursuing uninspiring existence.

While they spent their miserable hours adding numerals to their bank accounts, I was living a life of struggle, travel, danger, triumph and disappointment, hope and excitement.

I fought street battles and I sometimes disappeared from sight as left-wing boots and fists crashed into me. Arrested on several occasions I did time in Liverpool’s notorious Victorian Prison, HM Walton Prison. Also HM Appleton Thorn Prison in Cheshire where a senior prison officer smiled: ‘you are the only man I know who was gaoled for being honest.’

I was on a roller-coaster road of dreams achieved and dreams shattered.

Rise of the Sun Wheel: Mike Kampf

But while my ‘rich’ acquaintances collected figures on computer screens and their bank statements, I was collecting comrades, experiences, achievements, adventures, travel, meeting fantastic people. I was living my dream and I wanted no part of their number chasing nightmare. 

Friends! There are far too many truly gifted achievers who I became acquainted with for me to mention all by name; I think my very close friend, Vivian Bird encapsulated or spoke for us all. One of Britain’s most accomplished authors and translators but like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, my erudite companion is airbrushed out of public recognition. Vivian was the author and translator of scores of great books such as The Myth of the Twentieth Century by Alfred Rosenberg, Germanic Mythology, Auschwitz the Final Count, The Dartmoor Massacre, Religious Attitudes of the Indo-Europeans by Hank K. Gunther etc.


The really poor are those who pore over their bought ledgers like Scrooge while I was getting even with my enemies. This is why they are called poor (pore). I was winning praise and respect not just from comrades but, in fairness, from my enemies too.

I know the world better than most: I visited and worked in over 60 countries. I met the wealthiest people and the poorest of every ethnicity and I regard each as an equal. I made friends from every ethnic and religious group from every corner of the earth. Ironically, my critics and my assaulters were exclusively fellow ethnic-European. How sad is that? Not much of a racist (smile).

Rise of the Sun Wheel: Mike Kampf

How many millionaires can put such life-changing drama and real-life threatening challenges in their bank’s vaults? How do they spend their money while I spent my time, my sweat and tears and the few pennies I had fighting for my people wherever they were and still are in the world?

I did take a short break with a friend who in terms of property assets was worth about €20 million. As I lounged with a beer at the hotel’s pool and watched the ladies he was in his room moving digits around. He later turned to me: ‘Mike, you have more ready cash than I do.’

Contemporaries, some of them classmates. My heart went out to my countrymen in the Burma Campaign, Aden, the Korean War, Aden, Kenya, multiple conflicts such as Cyprus (EOKA) and Egypt. South Africa and Rhodesia, and, of course, what was then the Belgian Congo.

So, when I add up and compare, I discover that I ended up by far the richest person. What’s more, when I say goodbye to you all I will do so with a glad heart. I will meet whoever or whatever is to come without fear and I will say, ‘here is what I have done.’  

British Movement leader Mike Walsh plans strategy with Dr David Duke (white shirt) and James K. Warner

Then, I will turn my pockets inside out to show my nemesis that I went out of this world as I came into it ~ financially as poor as a Church mouse but otherwise I will be exceedingly rich and wealthier than most.

I wonder, what those who put ego and personal safety first will say when they meet their Maker? Will they be as filled with pride when they shove their bank statement across the marble table to their nemesis?

British Movement Leader Mike Walsh confers with Leader Guard members in Diksmuide.

Is there a postscript to this observation? Yes, born into poverty and life on the ration book many of you have the same choices and chances as I have. Follow your heart and take with you your people. When after all those years I check my balance sheets I will smile with some satisfaction.

Perhaps if you wish the same for yourself you can pick up where I leave off so you too can become far richer in all things than are the men and women whose only achievements is to add more zeros to their lives and end up with ~ a big zero.  Michael Walsh

Rise of the Sun Wheel: Mike Kampf

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  1. Enjoyed the video “The Oldest Love Letter.” I’m amazed at the various author hats you wear. I wish you a long, healthy, and happy life. Thanks for all you do and have done. I couldn’t have made it through my own autobiography (includes the biography of my deceased Vietnam Veteran, Purple Heart Hall of Honor, Michael “The Deacon” Duncan.” It was actually for him that I started to write late in life. He was a victim of suicide and his last words, “There’s no help for the White man in America” prodded me on to research wars and the truth, which you have known for decades. I belong to “TAPS” 60,000 of us Americans who have tragically lost a loved one. I began talking about race in Las Vegas, 2005, on his birthday had he lived. Some say “Till death do us part,” 17 years later I can honestly say that there’s no force that could keep us apart whether humanly or spiritually. Here’s a recent video TAPS recorded of several women briefly talking about the tragedies of losing their loved ones. I think it’s the first time in history, the subject of military suicides and deaths is discussed. By 2010, the US Military did the first study of the suicides of war. They singled out Vietnam alone: 200,000 suicides, all White men. They changed their status to died of battle wounds. Trump put a law into effect that states the whole country will be aware and involved in veterans and citizens’ suicides. Metaphysically, I always declare that I’m immortal and divine. “I’m happy; I love Life; I love to live!” Even Churchill said that the next war will be through the “mind.” His prophecy came true for all White countries. But it’s more as if we were beaten up and robbed than we fought back. Like Eva Braun, I had three suicide attempts. In South Chicago (Jews’ New Jerusalem after 1945,) Mama, Daddy, 12 children, agonizing slaves to Jews as in Poland from 1025-1945. Michael’s ancestors are Mayflowers’ Stephen & Elizabeth Hopkins, who had the only baby born on board, Oceanus. Stephen was the governor’s assistant. Right now is the 400th 1st Thanksgiving anniversary. Last year and this year I made all the food the first Puritans ate. Bless you and yours, Mike! Stay alive and healthy. You’re needed and loved. Barbara Ann Nowak, author. See page one of my first website for a full life’s White lady’s resume. Also, see my tributes to the British Royalty and pictures of my self-made costumes. In fact, in 2013, as I was giving tribute to Princess Diana in a wedding gown like hers at the jewish owned MGM Mandalay Bay casino, I was beaten and crippled. Although I was healed. Here’s the video about my veteran husband, mine, and our son’s fate.

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