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How Education became Anti-Education


I was in my twenties when the highly respected broadsheet (before tabloids) Daily Telegraph published a centrefold comparing ordinary not university education then (1960s) and 1900.

Although by today’s standards I was conventionally educated (1950s) well enough to look forward to life as a successful sales entrepreneur, retailer, selected to judge craftsmanship and go on to pen over 70 books and novels, there was no way I could even begin to master the skills taught and learnt by my mother’s 1914 generation.


Even in her eighties, mum could recite poetry she was taught when eight years of age. Born into poverty in Liverpool, Kathleen and likely her classmates avidly read the English classics. You could pick at random a paragraph from any Dickens novel. Without pause, my mother would tell you which novel, what chapter and often the words of the following paragraph.

As an eight-year-old, I too was an avid reader. A favourite was Jack London’s, White Fang. In order to attract my attention, the teacher had to raise her voice. Few children or even teenagers today could get to grips with the novel’s first page.

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Check out a book or newspaper’s news content from say 50 or 100 years ago. A typical paragraph is over 200 words in content, a sentence maybe 80 words. Today, few sentences in newspapers exceed 26 words because folk today have the concentration and understanding of a gnat

Bill Whittle in this video makes an even more compelling case. As so often viewers and listeners comments are as priceless as the video’s content. To say our present generation has been dumbed down is not an opinion it is an undeniable circumstance.

In fact, it is an understatement; young people today are being denied education, children go to school and college not to be taught how to think for themselves and must consider thoughtful and enquiring nature is anti-social.

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Children today are not being educated they are being programmed as they once were in Maoist China, Cambodia and in Bolshevik occupied Russia to chant the state-approved mantras.

An 1895 8th-grade exam from Salina, Kansas, provides a vivid illustration of how far our schools have descended from ‘the 3 Rs’ of reading, writing and arithmetic, to three very different R-words.

Bill Whittle explains the consequences of re-focusing schools on indoctrination, an investment of learning time that holds little to no value in the marketplace. He adds a fourth R. (You’ll find a link to the test at

A correspondent writes: This 20-minute video explains a lot. I am stunned by how my generation and the younger generation could survive. I know people who think Africa is a country, not capable to add a column of numbers, who think socialism is so good, Che was an angel etc.

I could go on for days. But the biggest one is the complete unfamiliarity with civics. How can someone vote if that individual doesn’t understand a thing? Why do we as a society complain about anything if we don’t understand the freedoms we have provided by the Constitution? It is a deliberate attack, and it affects everything from production to healthcare, to everyday life. And these evil people know that.

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