Nationalists Fail Because they are ill-Prepared for Political Activism

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From as far back as recall I was disadvantaged as a political leader by an absence of savvy displayed by nationalist groups and their members including my own. Well-meaning and hardworking, self-sacrificing and loyal, there was, however, a woeful lack of political experience or willingness to learn. The same could never be said of the Left-wing who were far better trained.

Left-wing and liberal activists were clued up on political subversion. For them, it was child’s play to place subversive members in nationalist groups and organisations. To give them the credit they were horrifyingly effective.

Raymond Hill was a well-known mole. I identified Hill as subversive even when he was successfully subverting and sabotaging not just British Movement but organisations like the National Party, National Front.  It wasn’t that Hill was good at his job; his success was based on the right-wing’s woeful naivety. Basically, it was like taking sweets off a child.

I identified Colin Jordan as being highly suspect. My warnings were dismissed as inter-party rivalry’ or ‘bitching’. Again I was proved right. All along, from his years at Cambridge University, Jordan had been one of a cult (Cambridge Five) created in academia to work for Stalin’s secret police. Every application form for membership of his multiple right-wing parties ended up in the Soviet vaults.

In his exposé, Over the Hill by Raymond Hill, the left-wing activist in the pay of Britain’s anti-Fascist Searchlight Group admitted that I was the only right-wing leader who sussed him out; National Front leader John Tyndall in a private conversation with me conceded likewise. I thought, how can you effectively head a political party whose membership were such amateurs

The disunited anarchic right then and now is desperate for a mature leader and aides. We are short of party activists with the basic knowledge to organise a motorcade or picket, a trusted member to infiltrate and damage Left-wing groups. Activists who can prepare a Press Release and speak at a meeting.

We do not have militants who know how to campaign effectively, who can organise a lobby group to work on politicians and journalists, form alliances, inflict damage on their enemies, organise fund-raising, apply dirty tricks, avoid set traps, write and order campaigning literature, recruit, organise, who can set-up an income-generating network. Is all this activity subversive? Yes, it is but it comes with the territory and subversion is the lifeblood of both established parties and the lesser parties. Subversion is basic in politics and politics is no place for amateurs.

When the Left organise a rally, many Leftist groups attend the event and united they will make an impact. When the Right organised a march or meeting right-wing leaders of other rightist parties warn their members against attending. The National Front expelled members who supported British Movement. How the Left laughed. 

All of these activities and more are taught and are well-known by the left’s activists. This is why the liberal-left have been so successful at infiltrating and controlling every aspect of life from media to education, art and literature councils; you name it and their members are in there controlling it.

Instead of playing them at their own game and using entryism, infiltration and subversion as a vital tool, right-wing activists avoided membership of left-controlled organisations to avoid contamination.

Following their successful election on January 30, 1933, the National Socialists in Germany seamlessly took control of every aspect of German (and Austrian) life. They achieved this because in the years running up to the elections the NSDAP cadres infiltrated and controlled everything from kindergarten groups to senior citizens associations – just as the Left is doing today. The Left learn from history; the nationalists learn nothing.

Isn’t it the leader’s job to train members or recruit those who can? In theory, yes but in practice, it is one task too many when incoming recruits are untrained. It seems to me that the Left had gathered all the talent up.

Many activists on the Left are closer to us than we realise. If you scratch beneath the skin many Leftists simply want a better world or they get an adrenalin rush out of street activism and are not too bothered under what flag they serve.

Never has the Left been so vulnerable to a takeover as they are today. In the early 1980s, I subverted the Socialist Workers Party, a very active group and winning over the leaders I dispersed their followers.

Remember, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini were socialists, the difference being they were nationalists whereas their adversaries were internationalists. Most of Adolf Hitler’s Stormtroopers were former card-carrying members of the German Communist Party. Germans joked that the Brownshirts were brown on the outside and red on the inside.

Is there a solution? Yes, join whichever campaigning group or organisation fits your agenda regardless of politics. Get involved, learn from the experts, attend courses. They are well-funded, steal their ideas, commit to learning new skills useful to political activism, get their instruction manuals or go on courses and learn from them.

MICHAEL WALSH was a Regional and Leader of the British Movement from 1968 to 1985. He is the author of The Rise of the Sun Wheel and Europe Arise.


The candle's burning low tonight, 
It may not last till dawn,
It splutters then the shadows grow,
To wave when I am borne,
Through garden gate by bearers of,
The pall that sets me free,
To sleep, not wake or rest in womb,
Of whom I next will be?

The moon will wane, autumn breathes,
Vapours on its breath,
Shall I go willing or dissent, 
And if I did would it relent,
Am I ungrateful for my life spent? 
That I go soon where others went,
When candle dies with me.

Michael Walsh

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  1. A story I heard years back from a former member of BUF was that it was infiltrated by government agents(not unsurprisingly) and that one of them held a prominent position in administration.When he was pointed out to Mosley he said ‘Leave him in position but keep an eye on him. If we expose him he’ll be replaced by others who we many not know.’ Also, a very prominent former NF leader who had a book shop in London selling ‘right wing’ literature, I think you will know who I mean, had his premises set on fire by a Left wing mob while barricaded inside with associates. The only reason the police came to their assistance, he discovered later, was that one of his associates was a member of the security services.

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  2. The only reason organisations fail is because they leave themselves wide open to infiltration. If they used lie detectors to vet new members, that would not happen. Don’t tell me lie detectors don’t work. Certain ones do.


  3. Get an ex- or even current scientology person who can use and interpret an E-METER. That is a cheap and effective device. A friend of mine was into that, but he is in SA. You’ll have to find a local one.

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  4. I am not a “keyboard warrior”. I have severe tinnitus from my machine gun instructor’s course, and the thousands of round fired afterwards. Because of cataracts my right eye is almost useless,and the left not much better. I was told it could be caused by working in basements under fluorescent lights, which are high in UV. My heart is packing up. I walked into pharmacy and the owner tested my blood pressure. He nearly had a fit because it was 90/55, and I was walking around town like that. I made dvds of “The gates of Auschwitz”, “In plane sight”, “Bohemian grove” and “The other Israel” and distributed them. For all it helped, it was a waste of time and money.
    I also had two operations to my right knee, when I still had medical assistance. Some days it is a tour de force just to get to the toilet.
    BTW, I am 81 years old. I worked hard all my life, and all I have to show for it is an old computer. Some kind people are letting me stay in their old second house.
    I am not being sarcastic when I say that I admire you for your dedication and perseverance, and I wish you well in your efforts.

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  5. Hi Mike – You may already have seen this ;

    Ray Hill (1939-2022), one time Nationalist (supposedly) and a Searchlight mole who infiltrated the BM over 40-years ago, died of cancer on 14/05/22. A sad day for the anti-fascist movement, a good day for everyone else.

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    • WooHoo….. Satan will welcome to filthy subversive…… he did credit me with being the only nationalist leader with exposing him… Tyndall too was fooled and conceded as much. However, Hill was pivotal in destroying the British Movement. Too many were duped by him. Thanks, Geraint.


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